Centre for Development Practice and Research, Patna

Call for Application for Internship at TISS Patna Centre


The Centre for Development Practice and Research, Patna, is an independent research centre of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS). Its interest areas cover issues of migration, labour, justice, education and public health. It is also involved in organizing orientation courses on migration, short courses on methodology and academic writing and lectures and conferences on topics related to migration and justice. It also publishes an occasional paper series Public Arguments in English and Sarvajanik Bahas in Hindi which are available for free download in the website of TISS. More more details, you can visit:  http://www.tiss.edu/view/6/mumbai-campus/centre-for-development-practice-and-research/centre-for-development-practice-and-research/.

The TISS Patna Centre invites application for internship at TISS Patna to work on any of the following projects:

1. Workers of logistical industry at Transport Nagar, Patna: The research aims at understanding the process of informalisation and employment relations specific to the transport industry. The intern will be required to interview workers, employers, labour inspectors, civil society groups, trade unions, etc. and observe the functioning of the transport hubs at the worksites.

2. Labour Chowks in Patna- The research will map some major labour chowks in Patna. It will study few old labour chowks and some new ones. A profile of select labour chowks based on Workers' Inquiry will be done. The research would entail observations at the labour chowk, interview of workers as well as agents and employers.

3. A Research titled “Tampering Patriarchy and Reinventing Gender: Impact of Male Outflow on Women in Rural Bihar” in the districts of Saharsa and Siwan. The research intends to understand the interplay of “left behind women’s response to patriarchal institutions and engendering of development policies in Bihar. The interns would be expected to conduct and transcribe interviews. Preference would be given to female candidates.

4. Digital Archive on Migration: The project aims at building a digital archive on migration by collecting scattered material from different sources – state archive, internet, departmental record rooms, Patna Commisonariat, trade union archives and repositories, Asiatic Society repositories in Bihar Patna museum, news papers, collection of oral testimonies, etc. The collected material will be digitalized. The interns will be given a brief training in archival method and engaged in above-mentioned activities.

5. Health and health care profile of Mian-ke-Bhatkan Panchayat in Siwan district (Bihar): The study aims at mapping the health profile of the population and determinants of health in one Panchayat in Jiradei block. The intern will be required to list public health facilities and services, and observe their functioning. The interns will also be required to conduct surveys to prepare health profile. Interns must have prior understanding of public health.

6. Preparing profile of households from which at least one person has migrated to Gulf countries in last one year: The study will be carried out in Mian-ke-Bhatkan Panchayat (block Jiradei) in Siwan district. After listing of all such households, interns will carry out socio-economic survey of sample households and few case studies.

7. Situation of schooling in Mian-ke-Bhatkan Panchayat in Siwan District (Bihar): The study aims at preparing an analytical report on schooling in the Panchayat. There are six schools (four primary schools, one middle school and one high school) in the Panchayat. The study will look into several aspects of schooling, such as access, learning outcomes, pedagogy, school management and the role of the Panchayat, community involvement, thriving coaching business, and emergence of private schooling facility. The study would also investigate if the above are influenced by inter-sectionality of caste, class and gender.

The applicant must be enrolled in a master's programme in any discipline of social sciences for the project number one to project number six. For the project number seven, students enrolled in a BEd programme may also apply. Those willing to apply may send their application to patnacentre@tiss.edu indicating their preference of the project and duration of the internship (with start and end dates), along with their CV and a recommendation letter from the Dean/Chairperson of the School/Centre or Head of Department, as applicable. Interns may join from 1st May 2018 onwards. Students from those universities where summer vacation starts from late May or early June may also apply. Students from weaker sections and girls are particularly encouraged to apply. 

Interns will work under the guidance and supervision of the respective project head. Data and other material collected during the internship will have to be submitted to the TISS Patna Centre which will have the sole right over them. In case of research report, the intern will be duly acknowledged. In case of publication of research papers based on the data collected by the intern, he/she shall get second authorship.

The TISS Patna Centre will reimburse the cost on local conveyance and incidental expenses incurred during the internship, and will arrange for accommodation and food in case of projects located outside Patna. Upon successful completion of the project, the intern will receive a certificate.

In case of any query, you may write to patnacentre@tiss.edu or contact Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Programme Manager at +91 7781 950665.