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Call for Papers for Journal of Migration Affairs


Date and time: Aug. 22, 2019 6:00AM - Dec. 31, 2019 11:55PM

Journal of Migration Affairs

The TISS Patna Centre launched an online, bi-annual journal – Journal of Migration Affairs – in September 2018. Recently, the journal received ISSN (2582-0990). The journal can be accessed at www.migrationaffairs.com. We will be taking necessary steps regarding indexation of the journal and also get it incorporated in the UGC approved list of journals in due course.

The journal will publish high quality scholarly contributions that explore the complexities of migration, both historical as well as contemporary, by looking into the relationship between migration and various other social dynamics such as labour processes, ethnicity, memory, autonomy, climate change, gender, citizenship, access to services, vulnerability, urbanisation, state policies, violence, and, importantly, migrants’ struggles. It also intends to explore political and literary representations of the migrants’ figure. The journal will put special emphasis on labour migration. It will publish papers on both, migration in India as well as international migration. The journal will promote theoretical as well as empirical investigations into different dimensions of migration and methodological innovations. It welcomes papers that provoke critical thinking and interrogate conventional and received wisdom.

The journal will publish five to six research papers, book reviews (initially we are soliciting book reviews) and short commentaries on current topics related to migration.

Research papers, book reviews, and commentaries on current migration-related topics are invited for the future issues of the journal. There is no deadline for submission. Kindly use the submission link provided at the journal’s website: www.migrationaffairs.com. You can send your queries, comments and suggestions by using appropriate links given at the website. 

Editor: Pushpendra, Professor and Chairperson, TISS Patna Centre

Assistant Editors

Charvaak Pati, Assistant Professor, TISS Patna Centre

Pinak Sarkar, Assistant Professor, TISS Patna Centre

Rakesh Ranjan, Assistant Professor, TISS Patna Centre

Managing Editor: Neeraj Kumar