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List of Registered candidates for the Fourth Orientation Course on Migration


Feb. 12, 2020 - Feb. 20, 2020

Venue: Centre for Development Practice and Research, TISS, Patna

Orientation Programme on Migration

List of Registered Candiates

1.    Abhishek Patro

2.    Ankit Kumar

3.    Anoushka Roy

4.    Arpita Giri

5.    Azizur Rahman Azami

6.    Dipti

7.    Divya Balan

8.    Haushila Singh

9.    Kanak Rajadhyaksha

10.  Kishlay Kirti

11.  Koyel Basu

12.  Md. Misbahuddin Ansari

13.  Michael Yangad

14.  Micosteen Gideon

15.  Muskan Mustaqeem

16.  Papari Saikia

17.  Paul Bhushan Das

18.  Piyali Bhowmick

19.  Rameesa P.M.

20.  Ramengmawia Bavitlung

21.  Rana Sonia Tez Bahadur

22.  Richa

23.  Smita Anand

24.  Vikram Ashok

Please note that the registration is closed. We are unable to take any candidate from the waiting list.


Objectives of the course:

1.  To present an overview of various facets of contemporary migration.

2.  To facilitate a multi-disciplinary and integrated understanding of labour migration.

3.  To introduce students to theories and empirical research methods in migration studies.


Overall there will be nine modules which are as follows:

1.  Main Concepts and Theories of Migration

2.  Migration and Emigration in Modern Indian History

3.  Labour, Employment and Migration

4.  Urbanisation and Migration

5.  Gender and Migration

6.  Forced Migration (Statelessness and Refugeehood)

7.  Approaches to Research Methods in Migration

8.  International Migration

9.  A Two-day Workshop on Paper Writing on Migration

Two-day Paper Writing Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to support the participants in writing a publishable paper on migration. The detailed proposal (of approx. 2500 words) will be the basis of the workshop in which invited discussants, TISS Patna Centre’s faculty and their peers will give detailed comments on the abstract. The process will continue after the Orientation Course wherein the participants will be invited, with travel bursary, to attend authors’ workshop for discussion on the first draft of the paper. Selected papers will be sent for blind peer-review and further revision. It is expected that through this process the authors will be able to write a publishable paper for a peer-reviewed journal or edited volume. 

Commencement of the Course

The course is of nine-day duration of which Sunday will be a holiday. The course will be residential. The participants will be required to reach the venue in the evening of 11th February 2020 and they may leave in the morning of 21st February 2020.

Course Fee

The course fee for selected participants is Rs. 3000/- for the entire duration of the course. This includes the cost of course material and board and lodging during the programme. Selected candidates will be informed about the mode of payment of fee by mail.

For any queries, candidates may write to patnacentre@tiss.edu or call the office on working days between 10 am and 5.30 pm (Phone No. +91 7781 950 665) or Mr. Neeraj Kumar, Programme Manager (Mobile: +91 8987 041 323).

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