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TISS Patna Migration Lecture Series, Lecture-20


Date and time: Jan. 11, 2022 7:30PM - 9:00PM

Venue: Online IST: 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm GMT: 2.00 pm - 3.30 pm

A Southern (Latin American) Perspective on the Theory and Practice of Migration and Development

Prof. Raúl Delgado Wise

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Reflections on migration and development in Latin America have a long history that goes back to the immediate post-World War II period. This particular reflection is stimulated by prolific intellectual production in the field of critical development studies that has taken place in the region. It refers to a unique body of thought, barely known in the Anglo-Saxon literature, that has contributed to opening the ‘box’ within which most of the discussion has been confined, and to foresee new analytical horizons for disentangling the complex linkages underlying the relationship between migration and development, from a contextualized critical standpoint.

The purpose of the presentation is to acknowledge some of the most important contributions to the understanding of this problem in the region, with special emphasis on the contemporary debate. Its main focus will be on a particular approach that is deeply embedded in the Latin American critical development school of thought and that focuses on the root causes of the expanded reproduction of uneven capitalist development and forced migration that takes place under neoliberal globalization.

The lecture will be divided into five parts:

1. A theoretical and political battlefront: the mainstream perspective vs an alternative (southern) perspective

2. Towards a reconceptualization of forced migration

3. Changing the dominant narrative: demystifying indicators

4. The global governance on migration under scrutiny

5. Concluding remarks: a reframing of the migration and development question today

About the Speaker

Professor Raul Delgado Wise is the director and founder of the Doctoral Programme in Development Studies at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, Mexico. He is a guest lecturer in over 40 countries. He is the president and founder of the International Network on Migration and Development and co-director of the Critical Development Studies Network. Prof. Raul has published 31 books (authored/edited) and more than 200 book chapters and refereed articles. He is also the editor of the journal Migración y Desarrollo. He holds UNESCO Chair on Migration, Development and Human Rights. Most of his publications can be accessed at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Raul-Delgado-Wise.

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