Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

CEIAR Seminar Series- "Becoming a good mother: Perspectives from a north Indian town"


Date and time: Feb. 4, 2020 2:00PM - 3:30PM

Venue: Education Resource Center (ERC), Room no. 11, 1st Floor, Koushal Kendra, TISS New Campus, Mumbai

You are cordially invited to the next seminar in the CEIAR Seminar Series titled "Becoming a good mother: Perspectives from a north Indian town", by Dr. Poonam Sharma, CEIAR faculty.


The discourse of parental choice, voice and exit have brought parents to the centre of discussions on schooling yet little is known about the ways in which families relate to and engage with schools. This paper seeks to deconstruct the notion of parenting in relation to school and discusses the nature of mothering in the context of a changing north Indian Town. It is based on ethnographic fieldwork conducted for the doctoral research work. It has focused on a social group that has recently gained momentum for social mobility have traditionally been socio-economically marginalised.