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Open Conference on Computers in Education (OCCE-2020)


Jan. 6, 2020 - Jan. 8, 2020

Venue: Mumbai

Greetings from Tata Institute of Social Sciences!

Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research is proud to be hosting the TC3 (Technical Committee) conference, OCCE-2020 (Open Conference on Computers in Education) in collaboration with IFIP (International Foundation for Information Processing),Laxenburg, Austria.

The conference is to be held from 6th January to 8th January 2020 at the TISS campus, Mumbai.

The title of the conference is: OCCE-2020 Empowering teaching for digital equity and agency.

Themes include:

  • Teacher empowerment, training and professional development with ICT
  • Computing and computer science education
  • Digital equity and agency
  • Developing uses of technologies in informal and formal learning situations
  • Developing effective teaching practices and pedagogies •Inclusive technologies, adaptive technologies and accessibility
  • ICT interventions and scalability
  • Open educational resources (design, evaluation, sharing)

 This conference aims to bring international contributors, speakers and researchers to consider concerns and approaches for empowering teaching, training and professional development with ICT.

OCCE-2020, will enableyou to:

  • Share knowledge and ideas about the rapidly emerging practices of Computer Science Education (CSE), and the important role that CSE has in educating creators of the future
  • Discuss the importance of ensuring digital equity and access, and how we can achieve this for communities widely
  • Demonstrate and illustrate examples of global and mobile opportunities, used for educational purposes in developed and developing countries
  • Access latest research and business solutions that have been transformed into educational best practice, where outcomes are recognised and identified
  • Offer examples of how inclusive and adaptive technologies have impacted and can impact both society and knowledge

We invite you to present your work, research, developments, policy initiatives, and ideas; participate with strategy and policy experts; network with world-leading teachers, educators, professionals and technologists and be involved in experience sharing sessions.

For Registration, Program Schedule and Submission of Papers, please visit our website www.occe2020.tiss.edu