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Centre for Lifelong Learning invites you to an Educational Programme on "Youth Identity and Human Development"


Oct. 14, 2019 - Oct. 19, 2019

Venue: TISS

Centre for Lifelong Learning

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

The Centre for Lifelong Learning, TISS offers a short 2 credit educational programme on;

Youth Identity and Human Development


This course gives an overview of the status of youth in India and the ecological systems influencing their development. It also looks at the issues in construction of youth-hood from the ecological perspective. The focus is on developing an ability to appraise and appreciate diversity while understanding individual developmental tasks.

Learner Objectives

At the end of the course, the learner will, be able to,

  • Describe and explain the developmental paradigm in India in relation to youth
  • To construct a holistic profile of Indian youthhood from the ecological / systems perspectives.
  • To acquire an insight into the critical developmental issues affecting youth and to discuss the influence of societal systems on youth.
  • To determine the psycho-social processes of identity formation during early adoslescence (12-16years) and youthood (17-20years)

Certificate Program in Development Communication

Course Teacher: Dr. Saigita Chitturu

Methodology: Experiential, learning through doing, Group Exercises etc.

Target Audience : Development professionals, Students, CSR, HR, Teachers, Social Workers, interested in working with Youth, NGO, School Admistrators, Volunteers etc.

Age : Above 18 years

Fees: 3000/- (this includes GST)

Bank link for the payment of Fees/Wire Transfer : https://support.tiss.edu/conf_regi_form/

Course Intake : Maximum 20 students

Time Schedule : 14th October to 19th October, 2019 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Venue : TISS

Late Date for Registration is 12th October, 2019.

Registrat Form

Contact : Mr. Dilip Kale or Mr. Ritesh Vaity, CLL Secretariate at cll.secretariat@tiss.edu. Or call on 022-25525682