Centre for Lifelong Learning

Certificate Program in Practitioner Skills for Facilitation (5 Days)


Date and time: Dec. 18, 2018 9:30AM - Dec. 22, 2018 6:00PM

Venue: Green Room, Convention Centre, Naoroji Campus, TISS, Deonar Farm Road, Deonar, Mumbai – 400 88

Certificate Program in Practitioner Skills for Facilitation

(5 Days)


Date and Time: Tuesday, 18 December, 2018, 10:00 AM – Saturday, 22 December, 2018, 6:00 PM

Venue: Green Room, Convention Centre, Naoroji Campus, TISS,

Deonar Farm Road, Deonar, Mumbai – 400 88

TISS (Centre for Lifelong Learning) and the Outdoor Adventure Management Facilitation (OAM) initiative to provide development and CSR sector professionals a skill programme to unleash their creativity and imagination in making workplace learning a joy.



Certificate Workshop in Practitioner Skills for Facilitation held twice a year (December & July)



Talented Employees need great facilitators to bring out the best in them.

In today's highly competitive world of work, effectively managing employees is often a daunting task. Workplace stress levels have risen, fueled by a number of factors. Not only does this emerge in the corporate sector, but so also in the developmental / social sector where having to work with limited infrastructure & resources adds to the stressful environment. Together, the developmental / social sector, the corporate sector and the large public institutions / government constitute the totality of organisations each serving society in their own way. Employees in all the above, now have employment opportunities available to them all over the world and retaining them is a challenge.

Large number of supervisors managers and leaders are realising that autocratic authority and power simply do not work. To become engaged with their work, people need to know where they fit in the organisation and have the freedom & support to make meaningful decisions and contribute innovative ideas. It is here that supervisors, managers be they in the corporate or in the development sector, are called upon to facilitate the sustained growth of their employees.

In summary, development professionals, CSR managers, supervisors, and change agents now are expected to exercise various facilitative roles.


Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the five days, participants will be able to:
  • Define facilitation and its use with in-depth learning about methodology and processes.
  • Demonstrate the practice of a range of facilitation methods – for teams & larger groups.
  • Select and appropriately apply facilitation tools and processes at the workplace.
  • Add facilitation as an innovative approach in their current practice of teaching & training for clients, staff teams and in their personal interactions.


The program is designed in the form of Four comprehensive program Modules so as to understand facilitation as a process and to evolve as a Participatory Facilitator within the organisation and in one's life


The 5 days of face-to-face interaction include:

  • 3.5 days Facilitation Skills Workshop (learning phase).
  • 1.5 days Practice Sessions. (doing, practicing and synthesising phase).

The Four Modules are as follows:

        Module I : The Making of a Facilitator

        Module II : Facilitation Works – Witnessing Facilitation Processes

        Module III : From 'Knowing' to 'Being'

        Module IV : Designing, Practising & Demonstrating Facilitation



Experiential, learning through doing, Group Exercises, brainstorming, role plays, demonstration by participants and on-the-spot feedback.


Target Audience

Development professionals, change agents, CSR, HR and L & D professionals.



  • Rs. 25,000 + 18% GST per participant for the 5-days.
  • Includes tea/coffee & lunch. Does not include accommodation & transport for participants.
  • 25% discount for Project Staff of TISS


  • TISS Guest House at Rs. 1700 + 18% GST per night (excluding breakfast & dinner). To avail this please contact facprac@tiss.edu. Limited availability on early booking only.


Faculty Bio

Yateen Gharat is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) from the International Association of Facilitators. He is a certified trainer for MBTI and ACC Certified Performance Enhancement Coach. He is an advanced life coach for NLF and a visiting faculty with educational colleges/institutes in Mumbai with over two decades of experience in conducting group process facilitation, and capacity building sessions for development and corporate organisations. Yateen Gharat is the CEO of Bang on Facilitators and the Founder Director of Outdoor Adventure Management Facilitation (OAM).

Nasreen Rustomfram holds a doctoral degree from TISS in the area of management of human service organisations. Joining TISS in 1985, presently she is Professor and Chairperson at the Centre for Lifelong Learning at TISS, Mumbai. She is certified in the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Technology of Participation Methods since 1995 and has been practicing these in her teaching and facilitation work. She is a certified Trainer for Leadership Beyond Boundaries conducted by Centre for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, USA and a certified Trainer for Leadership Development conducted by the Centre for Creative Leadership, Singapore at TMTC, Pune. She has been a Key Trainer / Facilitator for the nationwide programme Capacity Building of Women Managers in Higher Education conducted across 14 States of India under the aegis of the University Grants Commission.


How to Apply:

  • Non-refundable deposit of Rs. 5,000 on approval of application form; balance payable by 14th December, 2018.
  • In the event an applicant cannot attend the program, the deposit will be carried forward up to 12 months.