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Professional and Personal Leadership Workshop: Theme Centered Interaction


Oct. 8, 2018 9:30AM - Oct. 12, 2018 6:00PM

Venue: Green room, Convention Centre, New Campus, TISS

OD, Change and Leadership:Understanding of organizational structures, development and it’s inner life for handling change processes.

Organizations: corporate and civil society institutions, are developing and growing just as human beings. Since organizational structures and processes influence worker behavior and motivation it is important to understand them for leaders. As in infancy one starts with innovative energy, enthusiastic and curious about what will happen next and like children do in the presence of beloved parents,organizations in their inception may be pioneers with passion and energy of its founders. As adolescents,one reaches another level which needs change and experimentation and new initiatives but also structure and rules so that one is successful. Similarly in this stage, organizations may be chaotic and risk taking but require employees to feel safe inside reliable boundaries so they may do their work successfully. This development level asks for challenging institutionalized processes and a different style of leadership .As in individual adulthood, organizations in maturity show self responsibility and the practice of democratic chairperson-ship. Tasks are done effectively alone or in teams within well defined boundaries. The established context of rules, laws, protocols and operative structures are the basis of organizational culture and may sometimes be taken for granted even when there is need to change and reorient to avoid decadence or death.

In this workshop we will share experiences of different organizations where we are placed and work practically on main topics of OD to improve our knowledge and management skills of ourselves in organizations based on a holistic Theme Centered Interaction Leadership approach.

The Objectives of the Training:

  • to develop expertise in organizational change diagnosis so one is constantly aligning with the changing vision of ones organization;
  • to be able to plan change processes in congruence with the core values of the organisation;
  • to put in place processes that will help improve the ongoing operations of an organization on a sustainable basis and yet move forward;
  • to increase potentiality of employees for organizational problem solving in times of change and challenges;
  • to develop expertise in generative leadership.

The Thematic Areas:

Organisation Development;Change Management and Leadership

Eligible Participants:

Interested representatives of the corporate and civil society organizations,managers,leaders,change agents, OD consultants, trainers, Ruth Cohn Institute International for TCI certificate and diploma holders and other Non TCI persons.

Additional Information:

The workshop is part of a long term training of an existing Program on Professional and Personal Leadership organized at TISS in cooperation with Ruth Cohn Institute For TCI, International, Berlin. It has an existing group of about 7 participants who are confirmed participants. This announcement opens the workshop to others. Seats available for max. 15 additional persons. Earlier experience of TCI workshops is not mandatory.

Theme Centered Interaction:

Theme Centered Interaction is a concept of running groups, not just a bag of techniques, rather it is a distinct method based on the idea of learning as an experiential,active, creative and discovering activity.‘Living Learning’ as TCI is called, emphasizes the attentive awareness of oneself and others in personal and professional contexts; the strengthening of independence and autonomy in relationships; imparting knowledge in a lively way, involving participants in this process; promoting cooperation rather than rivalry and integrating the demands of the working task with a regard for the individual and for the interpersonal relationships.

Facilitators: Ms Ulrike B. Meyer, Tübingen, Germany and Prof Nishi Mitra vom Berg, TISS.

Number of participants: 20-22

Type of Workshop: Professional and Personal Leadership Workshop, Method

Venue: Green room, Convention Centre, New Campus, TISS

Duration: 5 days

Dates: Oct 8- 12, 2018

Working hours: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm

Workshop Fees: Rs 11,000/-incl. refreshments, lunch and materials

Registration open on first come first serve basis until: September 27, 2018


Prof. Nishi Mitra vom Berg, School of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, 400088.

Email: nishimitra@tiss.edu, Phone: 91-22-25525361

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