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Professional and Personal Leadership Workshop: Theme Centered Interaction


Venue: Green room, Convention Centre, New Campus, TISS

I lead, you lead – what now?

How do Leaders cope with diversity, difference and opposition in groups, esp in times of personal or institutional crisis?

Shared leading or plurality in leadership can be creative and powerful besides being envisaged as the future leadership style in complex and knowledge based organisations. However, sharing responsibilities and power is not easy. It may lead to clashes. Especially under pressure, it is a challenge for leaders to cope with diversity in a fair and non-violent manner. Crisis (individual or institutional),may lead to disturbances and conflicts: “I have my point of view as you have yours. I lead... you lead ...” What then?

This workshop will focus on an experiential understanding of such challenging situations and how to make fair and democratic handling of disturbances and conflicts. We offer the possibility to work at personally relevent materials and themes under the overarching topic of shared but authentic leading, its possibilities and challenges.

The workshop is part of a long term training of an existing training on Leadership organized at TISS in cooperation with Ruth Cohn International, Berlin. It has an existing group of 14 persons, but open to others who are not part of this group.Seats available for max. 10 additional persons. Earlier experience of TCI workshops is not mandatory.

Theme Centered Interaction:

Theme Centered Interaction is a concept of running groups, not just a bag of techniques, rather it is a distinct method based on the idea of learning as an experiential,active, creative and discovering activity.‘Living Learning’ as TCI is called, emphasizes the attentive awareness of oneself and others in personal and professional contexts; the strengthening of independence and autonomy in relationships; imparting knowledge in a lively way, involving participants in this process; promoting cooperation rather than rivalry and integrating the demands of the working task with a regard for the individual and for the interpersonal relationships.

Workshop Details:

Facilitators: Hansgeorg vom Berg, RCI International, Prof Nishi Mitra, TISS

Number of participants: 10 (open)

Type of Workshop: Professional and Personal Leadership workshop

Venue: Green room, Convention Centre, New Campus, TISS

Duration: 5 days

Dates: April 23 - 27 , 2018

Working hours: 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m

Workshop Fees: Rs 11,000/-*

Contact: Prof Nishi Mitra , Ms Shashi Mudgal

Email: nishimitra@tiss.edu Shashikala.mudgal@tiss.edu

*Fee (for 18 sessions of 1.5 hrs): Rupees 11,000 incl. refreshments, lunch and materials

Registration open on first come first serve basis until: April 17, 2018


Prof. Nishi Mitra vom Berg, School of Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, 400088.

Ms Shashi, Researcher , Advanced Centre For Womens Studies, TISS

Email: nishimitra@tiss.edu

Phone: 91-22-25525361

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