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10th Annual Conference on Climate Change


Aug. 9, 2019 10:00AM - Aug. 10, 2019 6:00PM

Venue: TISS, Mumbai

The Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies, School of Habitat Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai) is pleased to announce the 10th ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE, to be held on the 9th and 10th of August 2019 at TISS, Mumbai.

Our conference series, as you are aware, has been an integral part of the calendar of the climate science and policy community in India since our first meeting in the eventful year of the Copenhagen climate summit. Through your participation and encouragement over the years, you have made this conference an inclusive platform taking in all important aspects of the global and national debates on climate change. In the process, we have consolidated scholarship on climate policy directed towards safeguarding India’s interests in international negotiations with an emphasis on equity, while exploring the various dimensions of the domestic challenge of development in the era of global warming.

A decade on, we enter the era of the Paris Agreement in circumstances that have changed in many important and significant ways since Copenhagen. Yet many of the fundamental, even if familiar, contradictions still remain.

Under the Paris regime, equity will be even more a challenge, including its foregrounding in the implementation of NDCs, nationally and internationally, in meeting the onerous reporting requirements of the new monitoring and transparency regime, and in ensuring that it remains an essential aspect of the Global Stock Take. The starkest of the contradictions is the continuing lack of adequate commitments by developed nations, especially in strong mitigation efforts and the assistance that they owe the developing world. Such inadequacy persists even while a section of them stridently advocate a 1.5 deg C target, the feasibility of which steadily recedes due to their very inaction. The scale of inaction by the global North devalues too the enthusiasm for climate action in the global South, as the impact of the latter would be hardly sufficient to overcome the impact of the former.

We believe that the platform provided by this conference – that brings together scholars, policy makers, negotiators, government officials, students and activists with a shared commitment to the safety of humankind, an equitable world and India’s interests - is more important than ever.

We especially value your participation at this turning point in climate policy that is also a milestone for our conference series, and extend to you a warm invitation to join us at the TISS Mumbai campus on August 9th and 10th. We recognize that you have a busy schedule but we hope you will be able to find the time to be with us to participate, share and discuss. A more detailed concept note and conference programme and schedule will follow shortly.

T. Jayaraman, Kamal Kumar Murari, and Tejal Kanitkar (NIAS)
On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

We have a limited number of slots available for activists, civil society organizations, industry persons, and postdocs to attend the conference. Please send in your applications with a brief CV and statement of purpose to the following email id : tiss.climateconference10@gmail.com.

Please note we will be unable to provide travel but accomodation shall be provided.


Juhi: +91 8454 941 087

Sandeep: +91 9833 670 029

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