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Outgoing Student Exchange

The Office for International Affairs follows an open application and selection system, where all relevant details of an exchange programme are advertised at least 1-6 months in advance, depending on the intimation from the host university. Email notifications are sent to the DSO for M.Phil or Ph.D student exchanges, or to the concerned secretariats for B.A. or M.A. student exchanges, which are then forwarded to concerned students. Additionally, notifications are also put up on notice boards of the OIA, Schools, Centres and Dining Halls.

The OIA has nominated 1 faculty contact and 1 administrative contact in each campus as “the OIA Contact” to pass on any information related to the exchange programmes and facilitate the selection or nomination of outgoing exchange students or faculty from their respective campuses. The notification for the same is forwarded to these OIA key contact persons in the respective campuses with a copy to the Deputy Directors of the respective campuses.

Depending on the urgency and requirement, the time duration between notification and submission of completed application is decided. However, students are given at least 7 days to submit their applications. ​

In case there are no applications submitted or no suitable candidates, the exchange programme may be re-advertised up to two times. If there are still no suitable applicants, the Director may nominate a student or to relax the criteria at her discretion. The OIA may also re-advertise an exchange programme in case the number of exchange opportunities and the number of application are the same, in order to ensure a fair selection.

It has been decided that majority of the student exchange programmes will be open only to B.A./ M.A. and Ph.D. students across the 4 campuses. An outgoing exchange programme for M.Phil students will be planned as per case to case/ individual basis. However, mostly M.Phil students will not be considered for student exchange as it is difficult to send them during the first year due to coursework and in the second year as they have to submit their M.Phil thesis within the stipulated time. In case, any exchange programme is open to M.Phil students such students will have to submit the draft compelete thesis before the commencement of their exchange programme.


The OIA has introduced a double layered selection process for outgoing exchange programmes that have been opened across campuses. Outgoing exchange programmes are opened across campuses when there are similar programmes that are being offered at the respective campus to ensure that all students receive equal and fair opportunities.

Incomplete or applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. In certain cases, students have to inform the OIA of any late submissions/lack of documents before-hand and submit them within the stipulated time-frame.​ ​

The first layer of selection interviews or the preliminary round of interviews are done at the respective campuses and the top 1-3 students from each campus, depending on the number of positions that have been advertised, are then re-interviewed by final panel through a telephonic interview to keep the process fair to students across campuses. This final round of interview is coordinated by the OIA, TISS, Mumbai and consists of representation from the respective campuses who then interviews the selected candidates from respective campuses.

The first round of interviews are planned within 1-2 weeks from the date of submission or according to the convenience of the teaching schedule so that it enables the students to attend the same without compromising with any of their classes/academic schedule. The second round of interviews will be conducted within 10 days of the short-listing of the first round of students. The dates for the interview for selection will be communicated through a notification at least 2-7 days in advance on the OIA / school notice board and through email. The panel members for the interviews will be selected by the OIA Chairperson in consultation with concerned Schools/Centres.

No requests for re-scheduling the interview shall be entertained through any channels (faculty/guide/field supervisors/Dean). In case of non-availability for the interview in person, the student has to inform the OIA in advance to make arrangements for conducting a video / telephonic interview. Such students must provide a functional telephone number through email and be available at the given date and time for the same.

The breakup of marks for the interview for exchange programme will be 20% SOP and 80% Personal Interview. The results will be declared only after receiving Director's approval which can take up to 1 week from the date of final round of interview. The Director has right to cancel any selection process and suggest an alternative process or candidate. Only one student will be selected for such student exchange programmes where the exchange is not fully funded and/or the host universities are not providing any travel support to the students.

To be considered for an exchange programme:
  • Candidates should fulfill all the requirement mentioned in the exchange notification. No requests from students to relax the criteria mentioned in the notification will be entertained.
  • Candiates must fill the required application form/proforma available with the OIA along with the submission of documents.
  • Candidates must have a valid passport at the time of application. In some cases, if the passport is unavailable, the candidate has to compulsorily submit the passport undertaking form available with the OIA and follow the deadlines for the same. Requests for the extension for submission of the photocopy of the passport will not be entertained after the stipulated deadline. In such cases, the selection of such a student will stand cancelled and the wait-listed student will be considered for the exchange.
  • B.A./ M.A. applicants must have scored a minimum of 6.5 of grade-point and above in the respective semester or the GPA of both the semester(s) completed at TISS – as per the notification.
  • Students with supplementary in any paper are not eligible to apply.All the documents mentioned in the notification are mandatory and must be submitted on time.
  • In case of student exchange programme for Ph.D. scholars, preference will be given to students who have presented their Ph.D. proposal at the time of application.
  • Ph.D. students who are employed full-time at TISS or outside will not be given preference unless there are no applications for a given position. Such students need not apply without the specified relaxation in the notification/ II notification.
  • A faculty member at TISS is not eligible to apply under the students' exchange programme even if registered as a Ph.D. student at TISS.
Non-eligible students:
  • Students who have already completed one student exchange program cannot apply for the another during the same degree. They can apply only when they are enrolled at TISS for a new degree programme and there is a gap of at least 2 years from the completion of the earlier exchange.
  • Students who have already completed one student exchange program or received financial help for conferences/visit etc., cannot apply for financial assistance/ student exchange programme for 2 years from the completion of the last mobility.

  • Covering Letter addressed to the Chairperson, OIA (with phone number and email address)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Grade-sheet of previous semesters at TISS in case of students in Bachelors and Masters programmes
  • Research proposal in case of Ph.D. students
  • Statement of purpose explaining why you are interested in participating in this international exchange programme and how this will benefit you.
  • Recommendation from your guide/ supervisor/ faculty
  • Copy of Passport or as specified in the notification

The OIA will orient the outgoing students with respect to all the rules and regulations of the exchange and the costs associated with their scholarship/travel abroad before they leave for the exchange programme. The travel hub for onward and return flights will be Mumbai for all campuses unless specified otherwise.

​ B.A. / M.A. students will undertake courses depending on the credit requirements at TISS during the exchange semester. This will be planned/ decided in consultation with the OIA and the Course Coordinator/ Dean of the particular programme or as per the rules applicable at the host university or scholarship requirements. III semester selected M.A. students have to compulsorily submit their complete research plan to their respective guide and the OIA before leaving for their exchange programme.​

M.Phil/ Ph.D. scholars must complete a minimum of . 12- 15 ECTS/ American/ Australian credits during their exchange programme at the host university or as per the rules applicable at the host university or the scholarship requirements. The selected courses can be related to the topic of research/ dissertation. ​Ph.D. students have to compulsorily submit a research paper after the completion of the exchange programme based on the topic of their research. The paper can be based on their literature review/ theoretical concepts.

Students have to adhere to the scholarship duration, rules and period during the course of their exchange. Students cannot extend their tickets/visa on their own for any reason without formal permission from the international office. Students will be responsible for applying for their visa and insurance coverage for the duration of their stay abroad (including travel to and from the destination). The OIA will only provide related or documentary assistance to the selected students. The OIA is not responsible for the delay in grant of a visa or the commencement of mobility. Selected students will also have to compulsorily submit a copy of their passport and visa, course undertaking, travel undertaking, course selection form, research status form available with the OIA, and other relevant documents. The selected students have to compulsorily visit OIA before leaving for exchange programme and undergo the OIA outgoing orientation. Payment towards air-tickets, visa or any other costs related to the exchange programme has to be paid in advance or before the commencement the exchange programme.​

Selected students will be required to sign the OIA undertaking form for outgoing exchange students before leaving for the exchange programme stating that they agree to abide by all rules and regulations pertaining to credit, discipline, attendance, conduct, requirements for completing the coursework/research of the host university and to produce the final product(s) required for their work to be evaluated. Students must maintain 100 % attendance and complete the required coursework during their exchange programme and take full responsibility for their performance in the host university. Failure to complete the required coursework will amount to supplementary examination/assignments/repetition of semester/ withholding or withdrawal of degree etc. from TISS depending on the circumstances/credits required.​

Students cannot engage in any formal/professional/consultancy work involving any financial transaction during their exchange programme period. Students are not permitted to work part-time/full-time in the host country during their exchange programme.

Outgoing students have to acknowledge and accept the academic and financial consequences of withdrawing voluntarily from the program and/or returning home prior to the conclusion of the exchange program or without completing academic requirements.

Outgoing students have to surrender their keys and clear any dues before commencing their exchange. Selected students will have to pay all the hostel, dining hall charges and tuition fees applicable at TISS even during their exchange programmes and absence from the institute. These charges have to be paid before the deadline. There will be a fine of Rs.100 per day for non-payment of the fees by outgoing exchange students to the OIA other than the regular TISS late fee charges. Outgoing students have to compulsorily send a mail to the hostel authorities in the respective campuses regarding their selection and absence from hostel during their exchange period with a copy to the OIA.

Outgoing students are not permitted to entertain visitors in the host university/country during their exchange programme. In case of any visitor, the student will take prior permission from the concerned authorities in TISS and the host institution.

​The selected students will strive to understand and respect the cultural differences that they encounter, and must observe the laws of the country in which they will be residing and all academic and disciplinary regulations in effect at the host institution.

Selected students will be expected to help the OIA with campus Orientation/ Assistance for International Guest / Faculty and other related activities.​

It is the responsibility of the student to be in contact with the OIA post their selection and clarify doubts/queries that need to be addressed by the OIA.​

For certain exchange programmes, students will have to accept full responsibility for returning any advance/repaying any expenses incurred by the OIA and settle all the accounts within 15 days of their arrival. A penal interest of 10.7% per day will be charged for any late payment – post the completion of 15 days of return. The outgoing students have to compulsorily submit student exchange report as per the OIA format within 15 days of their arrival.

It is mandatory to submit a detailed exchange report, boarding passes and other required documents on completion of the mobility and repay any advance to the OIA.

It is mandatory for selected students to participate in the Annual Student Exchange Seminar which will be held on the last Friday of February of each academic year.

All exchange selections are provisional in nature.

The eligibility for the exchange differs from one exchange programme to another. The specific requirement will be mentioned in the notification. Failure to follow the rules and regulations of the student exchange programme as communicated by the OIA/Centre/School/TISS will result in punitive action and in certain cases, the concerned student will have to return the complete scholarship/fellowship money for the complete duration received as part of the exchange programme to the OIA. This action will be the final resort for students who are not ready to comply with the outgoing exchange requirements.​

There is no relaxation of marks for SC/ ST/ PWD candidates applying for outgoing exchange programmes. However, it is ensured that eligible and deserving candidates from weaker and marginalized communities will be given preference depending on the merit. TISS believes in the value of affirmative action and tries to provide opportunities to deserving students who are the first generation learners or belong to marginalized communities and backgrounds. This acts as a social multiplier in several ways.

Any applicant providing false information about any of his / her qualifications lead to cancellation of his/her application and he/she will also be debarred from applying for exchange programmes in the future.

All the communication by the OIA to students and faculty are pursued using TISS email id. It is the sole responsibility of the students to check their TISS emails or get in touch with the OIA regarding any queries related to interviews, result, short-listing etc, in time. After the deadline is over and selection list has been prepared, no complaint regarding the exchange position will be entertained.

​The institute has the right to take a decision on the failure of exchange programmes, depending on the number of credits required/ non-completion of TISS semester/ non-completion of mandatory academic requirements/ according to the severity of the offense on case to case basis

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