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Conference/ Workshop

  • The OIA will provide coordination and logistics support to TISS faculty members and the partner/non-partner international Universities to organize International Seminars/Workshops/Symposiums or Conferences at TISS.
  • We request all the faculty members/Schools/Centres to contact the OIA for organizing any joint programmes/ workshops/ programmes/seminars etc.
  • These programmes and activities should be organized in such a way that they are cost-effective, mutually agreeable and put less burden on Institutional resources.
  • The OIA / TISS will not be able to support financial costs related to the international air-ticket or fully hosting an individual or group of faculty members/international guests for any such programmes. Faculty members are requested to not commit any such financial arrangements without prior approval from the respective authorities/departments / Director.
  • The OIA in consultation and coordination with faculty members and secretariats located in different Schools/Centres at the Institute will manage the complete programme.
  • The Institutional charge on any such programmes is 25% over and above the total expenses/proposed budget.
  • Kindly note, that the OIA will assist the organizers with FRRO and other registration processes which is mandatory for international guests.
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