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Incoming Faculty


Faculty exchange programme comprises lectures, workshops, seminars, joint research, conferences and / or field visits, and are managed and facilitated by the OIA. All faculty members at TISS are requested to contact the OIA before extending an invitation to any international faculty member/staff for teaching/workshop/seminar etc that is not part of their own International project. Foreign universities communicate the details of the incoming faculty or staff to the OIA which then forwards these applications to the Dean/Chairperson of the concerned school. The Dean/Chairperson, in consultation with the faculty members from the respective department or Centre, plans the academic and non-academic programmes for the incoming faculty. The respective school provides a TISS faculty contact for the incoming faculty member to plan the academic program. The faculty contact will be responsible for providing the programme schedule along with the details of the planned lecture/sessions or any academic engagement at TISS. The OIA will make arrangement for the logistics and organise accommodation, airport pick- up and drop, other transport requirements for field visits for visiting faculty members and will also provide visa letter/ invitation letters. The OIA is required to submit the visit details of all the international visitors to the police/ ATS/ UGC/ etc. on a regular basis.​All expenses related to travel, food, stay, etc. will be borne by the visiting faculty unless otherwise specified. The OIA will only bear the cost of a welcome lunch, an airport pick-up and drop, and Mumbai sightseeing tour for active exchange Partners. TISS faculty are therefore requested to plan their programmes and invitations to international guests accordingly. International faculty members have to clear all on-campus bills, and expenses before the completion of the exchange programme. Similarly, all off-campus travel arrangements including travel to any of TISS's other campuses (e.g., Tuljapur campus) or any other personal visits will have to be borne by the concerned international faculty.

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