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Equal Opportunity Centre and SC/ST & OPEM Cells


The SC/ST Cell and OPEM Cell (Cells) of the Institute are concerned with the implementation of policies and programmes of the Central and State Governments that are meant to protect and promote the rights, well-being and dignity of students and staff belonging to the SC, ST, OBC, Minorities and PWD categories. These Cells play a proactive role in facilitating the education of students from such backgrounds at the Institute. The activities of the Cells with respect to students include the following:

1) Representation in Admission Process:The Cells’ Liaison Officers are involved in supervision of admission process with a view to checking whether there is representation of SC/ST faculty member in every admission panel at every level. They also check whether or not the total number of candidates finally admitted for graduate, post-graduate and M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes of TISS is as per the prescribed reservation quota.

2)Document Verification during admission process:
The Secretariat of SC Cell and OPEM Cell is consistently engaged in verification of number of documents such as caste and income certificates so as to ensure that a) all those admitted under one or other kind of reservation quota are duly eligible, and b) the reservation quota is filled to the fullest extent.

3)Administrative Support to Students applying for Scholarship:
With view to helping all those economically poor SC/ST, OBC(NC) and other students applying for one or other kind of scholarship, the Secretariat of Cells play two important roles:

  1. Although most of the scholarships are sponsored by the Central government, they are implemented through the state governments. Unfortunately, all state governments do not open the scholarship portal at the same time. Therefore, the Cell staff have to be alert all the time checking the scholarship portal of every state government and informing the students concerned as soon as a particular state opens the scholarship portal and accepts scholarship application.
  2. The Cell staff are also involved in verifying documents such as Caste, Tribe and income certificates, besides other documents, of each student applying for one or other kind of scholarship scholarship. These students include both the first year and the senior students.

4) Representation in Recruitment
With a view to ensuring due representation of SC, ST, OBC, PWD and EWS category as faculty and staff of TISS at various levels as per the prescribed reservation quota, the Liaison Officers (LOs) of the Cells represent either directly or through nominations in all recruitment process. The Cells are also entrusted with the task of ensuring that the reserved positions are filled to the full extent and a proper roster system is maintained.

5)Pre-Admission Orientation
With the support of the Office of Students’ Affairs (OSA) and the TISS Students’ Union, the SC/ST Cell and EO Cell organise a pre-admission orientation for the benefit of students belonging to the SC/ST/OBC/PWD/Minority category who are qualified to appear for the National Entrance Test (NET) of the Institute. The purpose of this programme is to prepare them for computer-based TISS-NET, the Pre-Interview Test/Group Discussion and Personal Interview, as well as post-admission orientation programme for new students at the beginning of the academic session. This programme is also an opportunity for the candidates to clarify their doubts regarding the admission process of TISS and about the various academic programmes of the Institute. The 2-day orientation programme is usually scheduled in the month of November/December every year. An important point which is touched upon in the orientation programme is the common mistakes that the candidates make in the admission test and how to overcome them. The candidates are also given information about the facilities provided at TISS for the eligible candidates during the orientation programme.

6)Traveling Allowance
Traveling Allowance (TA) will be reimbursed to all eligible SC and ST candidates as per GoI rules for (i) TISS-NET/BAT/RAT, (ii) Pre-Interview Test and Personal Interview, and (iii) Joining the programmes, if selected. Eligible candidates are required to submit the TA Form for each stage separately along with original onward and return journey tickets. For this purpose, the candidates are required to provide their bank details and mobile numbers.

Please note that the eligible candidates are required to choose the nearest Centre/Campus for the availing the TA.

7)Post-Admission Orientation
Students admitted to the various programmes of the Institute are provided post-admission orientation at the beginning of the academic session. The main focus is on familiarising them with the course curriculum, help in the selection of optional courses, acquaint them with the multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment that they will experience on the campus, as well the various facilities provided to them.

8)Priority in Hostel and Dining Hall Facilities
The non-local SC/ST/OBC (NC)/PWD students who fulfil the criteria laid down by the Institute and who have completed the due payment towards hostel charges (see 3.9) are given priority in the allotment of Hostel and Dining Hall membership. Except in Hyderabad Campus, where the Institute does not have its own Hostel/DH and the facility is given by a service provider .

9) Tuition Fee Waived
As per the Government of India rules and regulations, the SC and ST students are exempted from payment of tuition fee. However, such fee waiver is given only to those SC/ST students who were found not only eligible to apply for the government of India’s Post Matric Scholarship (PMS), but also successful in applying for the PMS.

10) Financial Support to Needy Students:
Limited financial aid known as “Student Aid” is available at the Institute for the benefit of those students who are not in a position to pay for admission fees, hostel and dining hall charges, etc., during their stipulated study period. The Student Aid is managed entirely by the Office of Student Affairs, and the Cells paly a very limited role of (a) referring and recommending OBC students who are in need of Student Aid, and (b) being part of the Committee that selects the students for Student Aid.

11) Capacity Building Sessions
The SC/ST Cell and OPEM Cell organise, with the help of student union representatives, skill-building sessions, including language classes, communication skills, and personality development programmes for students belonging to these categories, particularly for those students who had their school education in vernacular medium.

12) Financial Support for Thesis Typing and Printing:
The SC/ST PMS holders are exempted from payment of computer printing charges for bonafide academic work at the Institute up to a maximum limit of Rs. 1,600/- per year. If the printing charges exceed the set prescribed limit, the student will be required to pay the additional amount (GoI MSJE, April 2018).

13) Concessional Application Form
The Institute provides application form at a concessional rate to candidates belonging to SC and ST categories, whose annual income is less than Rs. 2,50,000/- and to those OBC (NC) candidates whose annual income is less than Rs. 1,00,000/- for all the Bachelors, Masters, M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes offered at the various campuses of TISS. Such concessions are also granted to NT and DNTs of Maharashtra. For availing of this concession, eligible candidates are required to submit: (a) A valid Caste/Tribe/OBC (NC) Certificate issued by a competent authority, not below the rank of Tehsildar, from the Sub-divisional Office of the district that the student belongs to; and (b) Income Certificate issued for the immediate previous Financial Year by a competent authority. Please note that the Income Certificate issued prior to 31st March of the immediate previous Financial Year will not be considered.

Please note that if the certificates submitted by students are found to be fake/forged, their candidature will stand automatically cancelled OR full fees recovered, including any advance(s) taken by them during the study period. In addition, they are liable to face legal action.

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