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Equal Opportunity Centre and SC/ST & OPEM Cells

For Tuljapur, Hyderabad and Guwahati campuses of TISS, there is no exclusive SC/ST Cell and OPEM Cell. Instead, there is what is known as a Special Cell (SPC) for each of these off-campuses. The kind of concerns that the SC/ST and OPEM Cells of Mumbai campus deal with are the concerns that the SPC of each campus is entrusted to deal with. The SPC of each campus functions under the supervision of a Convenor, also known as Special Cell Convenor (SPCC). The SPCC for each campus is nominated by the Director of TISS from among the senior faculty members of the respective off campuses. The issues that each SPCC is expected to address are those confined to his/her campus only. The intervention of LOs is sought only when it is necessary. The tenure of LOs and SPCC is usually 3 years.



Support Staff

Tuljapur Campus, TISS


Dr. Sampat Kale,

Special Cell Convener,

Tuljapur Campus, TISS.

Mob: +91-8999744448

Email: samkale@tiss.edu







Ms. Reshma Sayyad

Mob: +91-9890736342

Email: reshma.sayyad@tiss.edu



Mr. Sharath, B.

Assistant Registrar,

Special Cell Nodal officer,

Tuljapur campus, TISS

Hyderabad Campus, TISS

Dr. Ritesh Khunyakari

Special Cell Convener

Hyderabad Campus, TISS

Mob: +91-9052285049

Email: ritesh.k@tiss.edu




Mr. Nayeem Shaik, 
Mob: +91-9505097507

Email: shaik.nayeem@tiss.edu

Guwahati Campus, TISS

Ms Navaneeta Deori

Special Cell Convener

Mob: +91-9867218108

Email: navaneeta.deori@tiss.edu






Ms. Lydia Tirkey

Mob: +91-8011302517

Email: lydia.tirkey@tiss.edu


Mr. Vumminthang Sitlhou

Assistant Registrar

Nodal Officer, Special Cell.

Mob: 9999869254

Email: ar.guwahati@tiss.edu