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Rinku Das [Co-ordinator, Counselling Center]

Hi I'm Rinku Das Dave (She/her). I am a Mumbai based Mental Health Practitioner. I hold a Master's degree in Psychology with specialization in Counselling from  the SNDT university, Mumbai. Additionally,  I hold a Post Graduate Diploma Degree in Human Resource Management from the Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai.  I am passionate about Trauma focused Psychotherapy.

I have been practicing therapy for the last 12 years in diverse capacities. I am associated with TISS for the last 6 years.  I have experience working for Suicide helpline, Employee assistance program and I have taught and supervised field work for students enrolled in PG programme in Counsellling at Nanavati college, Vile parle.   I find myself to be an ally to the  LGBTQIA+  community and have worked closely with the marginalised LGBTQA+ community at the HUMASAFAR Trust and I have also offered supervision to TISS interns at the community level. I have introduced and initiated Psychology paper at BSC level in the subject Human Science at Mumbai university.   I believe in holding and ensuring a safe space in therapeutic setting. My primary approach has been Trauma focused psychotherapy and I also draw from Cognitive Behavioural strategies keeping the lens  person- centered.  I use a lot of body work, somatic experiences as well deep breathing/ mindful exercises in my sessions thus enabling my clients to feel grounded and connected in the present. As a therapist, I truly believe - trauma heals and the concept of neuro-plasticity speaks the most to me. When I am not working I prefer staying at home with my cat and do nothing. I enjoy solitude. I speak English, Hindi, Bengali and can understand Marathi and Gujarati well.

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Swapna Redij

Preferred Pronoun: She/Her

Experience in the field: I am a Mental Health Professional with over 20 years of experience in the field. My experience ranges from working with children, adolescents, young adults, couples and families. I have been associated with the TISS Counselling Centre since 2003, initially part-time and from 2009, as a Full-time Counsellor. I studied M.A in Social Work from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences followed by a Diploma course in Counselling from SNDT Women’s University. I have worked in a varied settings like an NGO, a Hospital, a CGC, the Family court, in Corporate and an University. I update my skills regularly by undertaking training/workshops in different therapeutic approaches, the recent ones being Training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy from Beck Institute, USA in association with Swasti Institute for Learning and Development in 2021, and The Bodhi tree: Applied Buddhist Psychology Course by ARTH in 2023. In my sessions, I use an eclectic approach drawing upon elements from Humanistic, Holistic approaches and Cognitive behavior therapy, adapting and customizing the therapy process to the unique needs of each person, their concerns, goals and their expectations from therapy. I specialize in working with adults with self-esteem, mood or anxiety concerns and problems in inter-personal relationships. I believe that each individual has the capacity for personal growth and transformation and an inherent resilience that can emerge in a safe holding space. I am fluent in English, Marathi, Hindi and can understand Gujarati.

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Swagata Adyalkar

I am Swagata Adyalkar, appointed as a counsellor at TISS, Mumbai. I have completed my M.Sc. Clinical Psychology from National Forensic Sciences University (NFSU). Further completed M.Phil Clinical Psychology (RCI). I have keen interest in providing support towards adolescents and young adults. I have two years of training experience in the field of mental health. I follow cognitive and behavioural approaches in dealing with clients with possible complaints. Along with that I always aim at working upon art based therapy and relaxation techniques. Based upon experience, I have worked with clients dealing with issues related to mood disturbance, disruptive biological functioning, substance use, career planning, communication training and self-esteem issues. I often keep my clients need at priority by providing them with unconditional positive regard, acceptance to there expectation and substantial support by maintaining all the possible confidentiality of personal information. I believe that “skills are built, not born”. Similarly, Rome was not built in a day. Therefore, the counselling sessions always provides a room to introspect on one own-self, learn new skills, find solutions for self and enable to get back to life.

I am fluent in English, Hindi and can understand Marathi. I am interested in listening music, volunteer for NGOs, drawing mandalas and nature walk.

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Humaira Khan

I have a MPhil in Psychiatric Social Work from TISS-CEMH INHS Asvini. My practice is rooted in person-centred approach, along with which I use other approaches to tailor the therapy based on clients’ need. Tools and techniques from the approaches that I employ include, Trauma informed therapy, Cognitive Behaviour therapy, Mindfulness based work, Behavioural therapy, and body work in psychotherapy. I have an appetite for learning and like to learn different approaches to therapy and update myself with the new developments in the field. My recent explorations are on emotion focused therapy and trauma healing through bodywork.

I am fluent in English, Hindi and can understand Marathi. I am interested in listening music, volunteer for NGOs, drawing mandalas and nature walk.

Along with mental health practice, I also like to work in the area of research. I have worked as a research associate in the suicide prevention and implementation research project by Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy (CMHLP). Also worked as a research consultant with The George Institute for Global Health Research.

As a mental health professional, I think it is important to perceive mental health in a collective manner beside individual focused work. With the nature of training, I have received and my observations, I believe that mental health is political. The social position of an individual determines and affects the status of their mental health.  It is important to understand individuals in a context to be able to help them effectively.

In personal time, I like to try painting and stitching and work for the causes that speak to me. I am a cat lover and am pleased with the increased cat population on the TISS campus.

I can speak English, Hindi and Urdu and understand bits of Marathi and Gujarati.

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Dr. Hemashri Chathurvedi

I am Dr. Hemashri Chaturvedi, a Psychiatrist working in Mumbai. I have done my MBBS from KMC, Mangalore and my post-graduation (DNB) in Psychiatry from KJ Somaiya Hospital, Mumbai. I have worked in various BMC run hospitals in the city. Currently I am working as a senior resident in KJ Somaiya Hospital and attached to TISS as a visiting psychiatrist since September 2023. I believe the stigma and ignorance associated with mental illness is its biggest barrier to recovery. As a psychiatrist, I prioritize a holistic recovery and rehabilitation of my patients and help them lead satisfying and productive lives. In my free time I like to listen to music. and watch movies

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