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Students speak about their counselling experiences,


It was a period when I was clueless about what is happening in my life. Overwhelmed with the situation in my house and academics, I decided to connect with TISS Counselling Centre to share what is happening with me. I cannot express in words how helpful it was! It was the best decision for me. I got the right guidance from the professional counselling and this helped me a lot to get my life on track. My counsellor helped me to put things in perspective and prioritize what has to be done and express my thoughts. This kept me going on and completed my semester well and solved things at home.

I would urge anyone at TISS who are feeling overwhelmed or just want to speak to someone to reach out to TISS Counselling Centre and get the right guidance. 

[23 years old female student, accessed counselling service August 2020 - June 2021]


The Counselling journey was an absolute necessity in a highly uncertain world, with strained emotional turmoil within and also with family - often over unaddressed longstanding traumas. The resilience to withstand extreme downs and to face new challenges of virtual classes/ interviews was largely due to dedicated discussions in a safe space via weekly meetings. Thank you so much.

[23 year old male student, accessed counselling service from Feb 2021 - June 2021]


TISS gave me my first positive experience with respect to counselling. Acknowledging the importance of seeking professional help was very difficult for me. Coming from a stigmatised system, I saw that a weakness. But the TISS counselling centre gave me a better insight over things which will surely help me ahead. The bonding I had with my counsellor was comfortable that i was able to identify my childhood traumas which was unknown to me. I was able to open these doors of insecurities and explore myself with proper guidance. 

I thank TISS counselling team and my counsellor in particular for the support.

[30 year old male student, accessed counselling service from April 2020- April 2021]


The Pandemic had been the most complicated phase in my life. It not only consumed my ability to react but also gave me no space to act. All my demons/fears/insecurity flared up during these times. 

The only thing which provided me space to take care of myself was my sessions with my  counsellor. I realised my abilities and the session provided me with space and thought to work on myself. I was uncomfortable of the idea of giving myself worth. But during the sessions I discovered this thought and accepted myself to work towards it.

It took me time to explore/discuss and explain my thoughts/issues during the session. I rediscovered I am healing and it's a gradual process. This revision, reworking and restoration came up to me because of counselling sessions along with my personal efforts.

Counselling is a process and a journey of healing. It's a revolutionary journey for me where the work was done by me along with unabashed support provided by my counsellor.

Thank you for the constant support🌻

[25 year old female student, accessed counselling service from July 2019 to June 2021]


I have got your support at a time of my extreme vulnerability. I have got the benefits which had eventually helped me gain strength and be mentally strong to accept the future challenges like placements ahead. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and was very comfortable while sharing my concerns with you. 

Thank you very much.

[32 year old male student, accessed counselling service from June 2020 to December 2020]


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