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The Centre started in 2016 under the School of Social Work. The Centre formulated a new programme of MA Social Work in Community Organization and Development Practice. The new programme curriculum, field engagement and research endeavours to understand and influence contemporary trends and processes within and across communities in varied development practice contexts.

Centre faculty members have been and continue to be actively involved in curriculum development and teaching in other programmes of the institute. The research interests of the faculty oncludes Social Work Education and Practice, Indigenous Studies and Decoloniality, Federalism, Ethnicity and Conflict Studies, State, Governance and Tribes, Human Rights and Social Justice, Decent work, Informal economy, Women and work, Human Resource Management, Labour Laws, Social Legislations, Education, Urban Governance, Geriatric and child care, Design Thinking.

The current scenario demands critical engagement, at both the theoretical and practical levels, on the part of the sensitive community organizer. Working from a pro-poor, pro-marginalized groups perspective, the community organizer needs to work with communities towards extending the spaces for engagement with the state, and resisting the multiple onslaughts on their rights and entitlements. There is a need to evolve alternate models of development that are pro-poor and also environment-friendly. It is with these challenges that TISS Guwahati CCODP, SSW is offering this two-year MA Social Work programme in Community Organization and Development Practice

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