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Established in the year 2013, the School of Public Policy and Governance (SPPG) has a mandate to create a cadre of public policy professionals who through their multi-disciplinary training respond to current challenges and incubate ideas to proactively meet future demands. The school provides interdisciplinary foundational training in Ethics and Policy, Economics (including big data analytics), Law, Political Science, and Sociology.  It encourages students to be reflexive in developing institutional designs that can transform public services.

The school offers Seven Post Graduate Programmes:






 The archetypal SPPG graduate is led through a combination of classroom and hands-on experiential learning methods.


 These skills equip students to

  • Understand governance models, policy frameworks and institutional architecture at the intersection of theory and practice
  • Analyse and interpret micro and big data through expertise in software such as R, Python, Stata, QGIS, GEE
  • Undertaking City Planning Exercise 
  • Understand Environmanetal Governance, Climate Change, Commons and Community Managment of Natural Resources  
  • Acquire expertise in reading and drafting policies and legislation
  • Develop skills to read, analyse and interpret financial and budget documents.
  • Build methodological skills for policy research
  • Evolve institutional designs and planning frameworks for equitable and sustainable futures
  • Inculcate a policy vocabulary that facilitates communication with diverse audiences
  • Exploring the intersection between ethics and policies

Our coruses offer students to undertake 12-14 weeks of Capstone projects in reputed policy organisation in order to provide hands-on Experience of policy eco-system

 The students of SPPG are drawn from various fields including social science, law, engineering, and medicine amongst many other disciplinary backgrounds

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