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Initiated by the graduate students of the School of Public Policy and Governance in 2016, the Journal of Public Policy Research (JPPR) is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on different aspects of public policy and public affairs in India and the world. It invites scholars to apply diverse disciplinary lenses, methodologies, social science theories and concepts to pressing issues of public policies and public affairs. It endeavours to study governance, accountability and institutional frameworks that can create better human opportunities, promote well-being, generate wealth and deepen democracy. The journal serves as a platform to publish original and high quality research articles, perspectives, commentaries, book reviews, and case studies. The Journal also endeavours to facilitate the democratization of knowledge generation and dissemination, ensuring that geographical and social spaces do not impede the publication of innovative and well-researched ideas. The Journal welcomes contributions from all persuasions.

 The journal is published biannually. 




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