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Student Grievance Redressal Committee

In compliance with the UGC guidelines issued vide Letter No F.1-13/2022 (CPP-II), the Director has constituted the Student Grievance Redressal Committee (SGRC). The main objective of the above committee is to provide opportunities for the redressal of certain grievances of students already enrolled, as well as those seeking admission, and an mechanism thereto.


The constitution of the SGRC is as follows. 


  • Prof. D. N Reddy ( Ombudsperson - Former Professor and Dean, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad )
  • Prof. Rekha Pappu ( Chairperson) - rekha.pappu[attiss[dotedu 
  • Dr Ipsita Sapra ( Member) - ipsita.sapra [at]tiss[dot]edu
  • Dr Poulomi Bhattacharya ( Member)-poulomi.bhattacharya[at]tiss[dot]edu
  • Dr Ritesh Khunyakari ( Member)-ritesh.k[at]tiss[dot]edu
  • Dr Arjun Sengupta ( Member)- arjun.sengupta [at]tiss[dot]edu
  • Ms Purnima Ramanujan, MA Education student ( Special invitee/ student representative)

FGrievances should be reported to :  sgrc.hyd@tiss.edu




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