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Library and E-Resources Centre

Library and E-Resources Centre

 The TISS Hyderabad Campus library has more than 5080 books and 18 journals/magazines subscriptions (hard copy) as part of its collection. The availability of the books is linked to the teaching programmes being offered on Campus, as a result of which the library collection includes books in the areas of History, Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Education, Women’s Studies, Mathematics, Science, Language, Literature and Development.

Services Provided

The core activity of the library is to provide physical and e-copy of the relevant academic reading materials.

The library also owns DVDs of lectures, documentary/short films and e-versions of 12 encyclopaedias (Total 114).

Computerisation of the Library System:

 All activities of library have been computerised from the inception of the TISS Hyderabad Library. KOHA library management system is installed for better access to resources under networked library system. This enables user community of TISS Hyderabad to access the catalogues of all campus libraries through WebOPAC .Services and information on borrowing, returning, recommending for books, alteration in due dates, reminders of the books can be sent digitally and automatically.

Remote Login Facility:

 Apart from LAN, the library has also provided remote login facility via Ezproxy software where users can access multiple e-resources online (Journals, digital books, data sets etc.) from a remote location.

Cyber Library and Access: 

There are about 25 LAN points are provided for Internet access to users in the computer centre. This enables navigation of e-resources (e-books, e-journals & online databases & digital library) subscribed by the main library through Ezproxy.

Institutional Repository (IR): 

The library has access to Institutional Repository to provide wider access to the publications of TISS Hyderabad community. The significant resources include; Thesis, Dissertations, Question Bank, Annual reports etc.

Library Committee


Prof. Aseem Prakash, Professor and Deputy Director, Hyderabad Campus


Dr. Ritesh Khunyakari , Associate Professor,TISS-Azim Premji School of Education

Dr. Sunayana Swain, Asst. Professor, School of Gender Studies

Dr. Amit Sadhukhan, Asst. Professor, School of Public Policy and Governance

Dr. Amit Upadhyay, Asst. Professor, School of Livelihoods and Development

Dr. Satish Kanamadi, Librarian, SDTM Library, Mumbai campus

Mr. Vamshi Bollarapu ,Asst. Librarian



Mr. Vamshi Bollarapu, Asst. Librarian 

Mr. Md. Awais, Library Attendant

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