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The Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research (CEIAR) is an independent research centre at TISS Mumbai. It was established in February 2015 to engage with and promote innovation in school curriculum, teacher education and higher education curriculum and pedagogy. The Centre provides incubation and promotion of innovations that address the needs of Indian education, and engages with innovative use of new technologies and media to raise relevance, quality and standards of education. Towards this, the Centre collaborates and engages with research, development, teaching and field action.

A new initiative, the Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education in partnership with TATA TRUSTS proposes to engage with teaching, research, policy advocacy and collaboration to revitalise the sector of teacher education in India.

The Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) is a flagship field initiative of the CEIAR, seeded by Tata Trusts and led collaboratively by TISS and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. CLIx has been created to provide young people from under-served communities opportunities for participation in quality education offerings through the meaningful integration of technology. It works in four Indian states, namely Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Rajasthan and Telangana in government high schools of select districts. Research activities and collaborations around CLIx aim to nurture a pool of professionals from the fields of education, technology and science. (http://clix.tiss.edu).

Teaching Programmes 2019:

  • MA Education.   (NEW!). Full time two- year programme offering coursework in areas of education foundations, education studies and practice., And opportunities for specialisations in the areas of curriculum and pedagogy (science, social sciences, language, mathematics), governance and policy, education technology and new media. 

    Eligibility: http://admissions.tiss.edu/view/6/admissions/ma-admissions/eligibility/

     Link: http://admissions.tiss.edu/view/10/admissions/ma-admissions/master-of-arts-education/

            Last date to apply: 10th December 2018

  • Integrated BEd-MEd.*(NEW!) Recognised by NCTE. Full time three- year integrated programme for the preparation of faculty for teacher education, as well as other professional work in education. The programme offers a unique multidisciplinary, applied social science approach towards the study of teaching. With a strong research focus, intensive engagemnet with schools and teacher education institutions, including a year long internship, and a choice of specialisations, the programme will enable a critical understanding of education studies and practices and developing competencies to contricute to the sector
    Eligibility:  Post Graduate degree


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  • MPhil (full time) in Education. Two- year full time programme with taught courses in research and specialised areas.  Eligibility: Post Graduate degree
  • PhD (direct) in Education. Campus based or modular course. Suitable for working professionals.
    Eligibility: MPhil or five years experience
    Link (Mumbai, CEIAR): to be update shortly
    Link (Hyderabad): to be updated shortly
    Last Date to apply: 10th January 2019

MPhil and PhD research can be pursued in areas of specialisation of faculty including curriculum studies, pedagogic studies, teacher development, classroom studies, childhood, cognition and learning, evaluation, governance and policy, social inequality, indigenous education, history of education, ICT and new media in education, etc. Compulsory coursework is offered in research methodology, research and design skills, and specialisation areas. Those wishing to engage with reflective development of aspects of practice or educational resource design may wish to consider pursuing the practice-based route in MPhil and PhD. Full time students applying to the programme at the CEIAR, Mumbai are eligible for teaching and research assistantships through a process of selection, to be announced after admission process is complete. Compensation will be commensurable with UGC-JRF.

Short Term Certificate Programmes (blended and online): to be announced later on the TISS website

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Reflective Teaching with ICT (RTICT): 17 credits with compulsory course in ICT, pedagogy specialisation and a variety of electives, and action research. Suitable for inservice teachers, resource persons, and teacher mentors.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Education Perspectives (PGCCEP): 16 credits with research methodology, optional subject specialisations, and optional thematic specialisations including teacher education, inclusive education, policy and practice. Suitable for faculty of teacher education programmes, and education resource persons.
    Individual courses may be taken separately and flexibly.
    For information contact 022-25525003 pratima.zore@tiss.edu


  • P. G. Certificate Course in Contemporary Education Perspectives and Research (PGCCEPR)

Location: Mumbai

Centre: Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research

Intake: 50



·      Faculty of Education (from DIETs/CTEs/IASEs/Departments of Education/Teacher Education Institutes/CRPs & BRPs), with 2-3 years of relevant experience are eligible.

·      Education Administrators and Policy Makers in Central / State Governments (including BEOs, EOs, DDPIs), having an undergraduate degree any discipline are eligible.

·      Personnel from Civil Society organisations (NGOs) and having a Teacher Education degree (D.El.Ed//B.El.Ed/B.Ed) and an undergraduate degree in any discipline are eligible. 2 – 3 years of relevant experience is desirable.





The Post Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Education Perspectives (PGCCEPR) is aimed at providing continuous professional development to faculty involved in Teacher Education, Education administrators and Policy makers. The programme is approved by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Academic Council and the Certificate (equivalent to 20 credits) will be awarded by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

The programme is currently being offered in a blended mode.


·      To develop perspectives on recent educational developments and current education reforms in India and the developing world.

·      To develop capabilities for research in areas of education, such as teacher education, policy and practice, inclusive education and subject pedagogy.

·      To enable practitioners to connect research findings and applied knowledge through a research-focused professional learning approach.


·      To provide opportunities for continuous professional development.

·      To serve as a foundation for pursuing an academic/research career.


Experienced faculty from TISS.

We provide study materials, access to e-resources (including journals) and mentoring support.

Please note library access will not be available for modular course-based offering.


Blended mode: The Programme will be offered in the blended mode. The programme will be held in 2 Cycles with 2 weeks of contact in each cycle + Online classes and self-study in the distance period.

Modular option: Based on specific requests from organisations and Government departments, individual courses will be offered. As and when such offers are made available, participants may take individual course and earn equivalent credits. Later they could register for the entire PGCCEPR programme and transfer the credits towards programme completion.


The TISS’s eleven-point grading scheme would be used for the evaluation of the programme. Students who enroll for the modular option will be evaluated by the same criteria to earn credits and will be provided with individual course completion certificates. Upon accruing 20 credits, programme completion certificate will be issued.


The contact classes will take place at convenient locations, including at:

Tata Institute of Social Sciences,

V.N. Purav Marg,Deonar, Mumbai 400088

Tel: +91 22 2552500/3/4 | http://www.tiss.edu/





Download the application form, fill & send a PDF file via email to pratima.zore@tiss.edu /  sumana.srikant@tiss.edu with the subject line PGCCEPR

Also courier a hard copy of the filled form along with the photograph

There may be a personal interview or test.

State Government and Institutes may nominate persons to the programme.


           FEES (provisional) (Non-refundable)
           Rs.40,000 /- per participant for complete programme
           (for candidates who have already completed modular course(s), there will be corresponding      reduction in the fee).



Pratima Zore - Programme Manager

Centre for Education, Innovation and Action Research (CEIAR)

Tata Institute of Social Sciences,

V.N,Purav Marg,Deonar, Mumbai 400088

Tel: +91 22 25525003/4;  email : pratima.zore@tiss.edu

Sumana Srikanth  |Ph. +91 9449306020 |Email: sumana.srikant@tiss.edu



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