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Centralised Placement Cell:
The CLIMS encourages all the final year students to participate actively in the Centralised Placement Cell (CPC) activities. The institute has setup CPC to identify potential employers for our masters students and coordinate job placement activities. They also help the final year students to prepare well for the interviews and conduct several training sessions on personality development, communications skills etc. 
CLIMS Placement Committee:

Prof. Bal Nagorao Rakshase
Centre for Library and Information Management Studies (CLIMS)
Tata Institute of Social Sciences
P.B.No.8313,V. N. Purav Marg,
Deonar, Mumbai - 400 088
Phone: +91-22-2552-5535
E-mail: bal.rakshase@tiss.edu

Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Akhilesh Yadav
Assistant Professor, CLIMS
Phone: +91-22-2552-5275
E-mail: akhilesh.yadav@tiss.edu


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