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The Critical Humanities Research Group at the Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education, TISS Mumbai is happy to call for applications for its Summer Workshop to be held between May 17-19, 2023.

The Summer Workshop will focus on Peace Studies, Education and Pedagogy - Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Peacebuilding. 

About the Workshop:

The need to engage with peace studies comes in the wake of widespread and new forms of conflict in society within a knowledge economy. Education policies increasingly recognise the need to equip learners with social and emotional skills, resilience, effective interpersonal and intercultural communicative competence, and empathy to live in a cosmopolitan world. Teachers and educators must be equipped equally to develop learners’ capacities, and achieve their fullest potentials. It is critical for educators and educationists, therefore, to engage with ideas of peace studies, education and peacebuilding strategies.

This 3-day residential Summer Workshop at TISS, Mumbai, will provide an immersive experience for participants into the discourse and praxis of peace studies and peacebuilding in education. Through a philosophy-in-action format, the workshop features intensive reading, discussions and sharing of experiences on themes related to understanding conflict and peace, identifying their different manifestations in culture and society, approaches to peacebuilding and strategies to mitigate conflict and build resilience. Education and different aspects of critical pedagogy will be explored as concrete steps in peacebuilding.

Through hands-on activities, inquiry-based learning and discussions, this summer school aims to build a community of peace practitioners who can work towards long-term peace through integration of theory and praxis in their work spaces.


- Understand conflict through multidisciplinary perspectives.

- Identify forms of conflict and their consequences in their social, cultural and personal contexts

- Become familiar with various approaches and strategies for peacebuilding, conflict management and resilience

- Adapting peacebuilding strategies from inter/national discourse to local educational contexts

- Build critical pedagogical praxis for peacebuilding within educational contexts

- Construct competency frameworks for values and critical peace education that can foster attitudes for peacebuilding

Who can apply:

Research scholars, teachers, educators, faculty, educationists and consultants from formal, non-formal, government and private sectors in education. Participants from all disciplines are welcome to apply.

Total Number of Seats: 30

Fees: 10,000 INR 

Fees include lunch and refreshments during the workshop period.

Shared accommodation will be provided for the duration of the workshop period. Travel will be participants’ responsibility.

Partial fee waiver may be made available to 10 participants.  


Who can apply for partial fee waiver:

PhD and research scholars who are not already availing fellowships or financial support can apply.

Applicants who want to be considered for the waiver are required to provide a reason for availing it in the appropriate column in the form, when they apply. A personal interview may be scheduled, if required.


How to apply:

Please register through the following link: Registration Form

You will be required to include a brief note (~100 words) in the registration form, as a Statement of Purpose, on what motivates you to attend the Summer Workshop. Please indicate in your note whether you have attended/are aware of the area of peace education, your understanding of this field and how you anticipate it to strengthen your personal and professional practice as an educator. 

Your response will help us facilitate the interactions during the Summer Workshop.

Last date for application: 31st March 2023

Important dates:

Communication of acceptance: 5th April 2023

Confirmation of participation by applicants: 10th April 2023

Last date for payment of fees: 15th April 2023


For clarifications please contact: cete.peacestudies@clixindia.org

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