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M-Ward ELeCT programme

The computer lab at the M-Power Resource centre at Govandi (W) at M-Ward Mumbai has been activated since September 2018. The team has started the M-Ward ELeCT programme for this purpose since October 2018. The main aim is to enable digital literacy amongst the participants from the M-Power resource centre and students from adjoining schools and colleges with various tools and applications.

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M-Ward Elect is a 5 week-long course that covers basic tools and applications including use of typing in Indian scripts and English, designing graphics, using spreadsheets for analysis, creating mind maps and using dynamic mathematics software. After successful completion of the programme the participants get a certificate from TISS. This programme has been adapted from the i2C course of the CLIx project. The ELeCT curriculum includes apprenticeship of learners which makes the field more independent in collaborative practices with community members.


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