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Disaster Management is emerging globally as a full-fledged academic discipline. In the backdrop of its evolution from the practitioner’s domain, its boundaries have been permeable. People from diverse backgrounds- including relief workers, engineers, social scientists, or medical professionals -have worked in disaster management. This in turn has also facilitated the growth of disaster management as a substantive field. However, as a field of practice, it demands specialisation to meet with the dynamic challenges posed by not only conventionally categorised disasters but new ones not viewed traditionally as disasters. Simultaneously it also requires theorization to make sense of diverse practices, procedures and management approaches.

The mission of the Center is to cater to advancement of knowledge in disaster management, to respond to the sectoral needs and promote positive practices. Its focus is hazard mitigation, disaster risk reduction, disaster preparedness, response, rehabilitation, recovery through interdisciplinary frameworks. It seeks to understand various facets of disaster management, their linkages and interactions through research and other academic engagements.The Centre fosters information sharing and integration of activities among academicians, researchers, practitioners and policy makers around the globe. This in turn ensures that best educational opportunities are provided to address disaster related issues - current and those of the future.

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