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The Centre for Water Policy and Governance was set up along with the School of Habitat Studies in 2008, along with other two centers, namely Centre for Science, Technology and Society as well as Center for Urban Policy and Governance. This Centre was renamed as the Centre for Water Policy, Regulation and Governance (CWPRG) in 2012 owing to its extensive involvement and contribution in the area of regulatory studies in the water sector.

The CWPRG had been involved primarily in the research and advocacy activities for a period of three years since its inception in the area of water-regulation in Maharashtra, as well as at the national level. The Centre was actively involved in collaborative research, networking, providing knowledge and analytical support to advocacy campaigns. In addition, it made notable contribution to policy-making at various levels through research and outreach activities. The Centre also developed two new Masters Programme in the areas of Water Policy and Governance as well as Regulatory Governance, in the year 2012-13.

The center again renamed as Centre for Water Policy and Governance in 2021. At present, the center is engaged in research in the areas, such as rural drinking water, participatory irrigation management, integrated urban water and sanitation systems. 

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