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Social science plays a vital role in understanding illness and health behaviour and addressing health inequalities that exist in society. Recognizing the importance of social science in improving health and wellbeing, the Centre for Health and Social Sciences (CHSS), was one of the first two centres created in 2006 within the newly established School of Health Systems Studies (SHSS). CHSS aims to be a leader in research, teaching and training with a focus on the interaction of health and social sciences.

The overall mission of the Centre is to strengthen the contribution of social sciences in health studies and public health by generating high quality social scientific research. The faculty in the Centre train, conduct research and advocate for greater awareness of the social aspects of health and wellbeing so as to inform and influence health policies and program planning. The CHSS is devoted to knowledge production through cutting edge social science research on health, which is both theoretical and applied in nature, and to augmenting the capacity of researchers to carry out this mandate.

This mission is achieved by undertaking research both within the Centre and in collaboration with other institutions and also by organizing workshops and conferences on relevant thematic areas.

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