Tata Institute of Social Sciences
A Deemed to be University and Grant-in Aid Institute under Ministry of Education,GoI
Mission: The Centre will strive for excellence in the field of theory and practice of Public Health based on critical analysis of population health using epidemiological approach.

Public Health as the science and practice of protecting and improving the health of a population is not only a profession but also a very specialized discipline. Several experiences are taking place in various places within the purview of public health and time has arrived to systematically document those evidences and create a body of knowledge for the discipline. Opportunities exist for the public health movement to exert a more central role in human affairs. Epidemiology is one of the basic sciences and is an important resource of public health thereby making the connection between two critical. The role of public health and epidemiology is crucial in fulfilling societies interest in assuring conditions in which people can be healthy. For a successful integration of the two, research, education and training is a must. Epidemiology, along with other disciplines of public health is indispensable even to the process of health policy formulation. The center would work towards strengthening partnership between the process of education and practice. Recognizing advocacy and integration of research methods as a key practice of public health, the center, will work constructively towards linkages and collaborations to have influence on policy debates and decisions.


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