School of Human Ecology

About Us

The School of Human Ecology (SHE) uses the term ‘human ecology’ to refer to all aspects of human experience and everything in the environment that defines quality of life. The SHE has a broad, holistic view of the psycho-social adaptability of individuals, the relationships between individuals, their societies and the environment. The SHE explores the rich diversity of relationships between the individual, society, and the environment. It is premised on the view that everything we do as individuals impacts on our environments.

This has an interdisciplinary, applied approach drawing from the fields of Psychology, Human Development and Family Studies, Sociology and Anthropology. The emphasis of the School is on education and training, with a focus on developing skills for interventions for the well-being of individuals and families. Training in counselling, psychotherapy and preparation of professionals and personnel at various levels of human development is addressed through the post-graduate programmes. Research is at the heart of the School’s activities.