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"Fact Finding Field Visit Reports for Monitoring & Promoting Human Rights for Marginalized Sections of Society in Maharashtra" is a fact finding survey report with a purpose to understand the status of implementation of human rights of marginalized sections of society, including Sex workers, Children, Senior Citizens, the Differently abled, Beggars, and others.  The students of TISS-SLRCG successfullycompleted these field visits under the supervision of Prof. (Dr)Arvind Tiwari Dean, faculty mentors, Dr. Sonali Kusum, Assistant Professor, Dr. Devakumar Jacob, Assistant Professor, TISS, Mumbai.

The fact-finding field visits demonstrate the significant role of MSHRC in promoting and protecting the human rights of vulnerable sections of society and in strengthening the legal compliances by Government Institutions across the State of Maharashtra. This fieldwork through fact-finding field visits brings transformative learning and develops sensitization on the human and legal rights of marginalized sections of society. Indeed, TISS-LLM students acquired vast field experience which will strengthen their careers in the legal profession.


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