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This centre stands for socially empowering academic anchoring an MA Programme on 'Dalit and Tribal Studies and Action' within the School of Social Work. The logic of our curriculum and pedagogy, fieldwork and research are directly sourced from the field, most often neglected within Indian academia, but a field which cannot be left out in education if education has to be constitutive and foundational in orientation, and also be a socially responsive process that will bring change and transformation. The field of this centre represents a complicated social space where a situation of displacement and discrimination of Dalits, tribes and adivasis is very conspicuous. However, for the Centre, these categories are not an impediments for academic engagement but liberatory constructs for social emancipation. By their very location, they are discursive and reflective. In them knowledge, theory and practice get situated and located. Within this framework, the Centre for Social Justice and Governance strives to understand and respond to situations of human vulnerability, marginality, displacement and discrimination as project of emancipation from structural dominations. It is a struggle to reclaim human dignity, diversity of life and existence. Theoritically dismissing field-curriculum, field-pedagogy, theory-practice dualities, the Centre is committed to teaching, research and fieldwork, blending theories and skills in the context. It strives to secure human resource, expertise and skills for the realisation of a just society.

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