iCALL Psychosocial Helpline


iCALL's Objectives: 

  • To provide information, emotional support and counselling interventions and connect individuals to knowledge and service resources with a special focus on marginalized communities
  • To build capacities of helping professionals & stakeholders involved in mental health service provision
  • To provide expertise, consultancy and services for development of helplines for other stakeholders and for other mental health services
  • To carry out relevant research activities to: document iCALL’s interventions, practices and experience demonstrating its effectiveness, impact and facilitating its replication as a model, along with undertaking new research initiatives in the area of psycho-social distress and counseling
  • To enhance awareness and increase sensitization about mental health by means of creating content and undertaking outreach activities
  • To actively initiate partnerships and collaborations to promote wellbeing of communities and to develop effective psychosocial responses