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Field Action Projects of TISS have been in operation from the time of its inception. Faculty members involved in these projects have managed to gather additional support in terms of people and material resources individually or with the help of the institution. Experts with an interest in contribution to these FAP interventions have in the past done so in terms of time and advice; and there is a steady rise in the need for their support. Volunteers are always welcome in these interventions which are constantly on the lookout for any added assistance to ease their work load. Interested volunteers may send in their CV and enquire with the coordinator FACC about possibility of working with FAPs. Internships have been a regular feature in TISS activities; FAPS offer internships to non-TISSians as well. Donations either of cash or of used equipment like computers, Televisions, CD/DVD players are required in various projects with whom TISS works. 

If you believe that you would like to contribute to these interventions in any manner you could get in touch via email with

Dr. Vijay Raghavan,
Field Action Coordination Committee (FACC), 

Email: vijay.r[at]tiss[dot]edu

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