Phase I: De-Institutionalisation (6-8 Months)

  • Occurs at the hospital
  • Group and Individual sessions
  • On going phase, continuous at the hospital, for screening, selection, and capacity building
  • Consent seeking for  participation

Phase II: Psycosocial Recovery (3-4 Months)

  • Tarasha identifies community based  rehabilitation centres,  to partner up with
  • Women attend  a day care centre to further explore self  and related themes, get accustomed to the environment, and build new relationships

Phase III: Vocational Training (3-4 Months)

  • Tarasha identifies community based  initiatives to provide vocational training to the women based on skill set and capabilities
  • Women obtain vocational skills for employability

Phase IV: Job Development and Support (3-4 Months)

  • Once the women are employed, Tarasha provides counselling and therapeutic support at a decreased frequency depending on the case, in a bid to foster independence and reintegration

 Exit from the Project

  • At each phase of the project, Tarasha bolsters independence and accountability of the client towards herself, and gradually decreases the frequency of support
  • The exit from the project is symbolic, the client is encouraged to contract with themselves to acknowledge their independence
  • Psychosocial support and counseling continues