The Office of the Deputy Director (Research) anchors the Institutional Review Board (IRB) Secretariat. As a premier Institute in the field of Social Work and Social Sciences, TISS has a strong commitment to highest standards of ethical research and practice. The IRB reviews, approves and monitors all types of research proposals involving human participants with a view to safegaurd the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of all actual and potential research participants. The IRB is composed of internal and external experts with subject expertise ranging from public health, bioethics, law, social work, medicine, management, research methodology, demography, psychology, sociology, community development, education, etc. The IRB receives research proposals from faculty, doctoral scholars, and visiting research scholars on international scholarships/fellowships.

IRB Status Report [ Download ] updated on July 11, 2018

IRB Approval: Key Documents

  • Application Procedures and Checklist [ Download ]
  • Template 1: Facesheet [ Download ] updated on 17th Jan, 2022
  • Template 2: TISS Research Ethics Framework [ Download ]
  • Template 3: Participant Information Sheet [ Download ]
  • Template 4: Informed Consent Form [ Download ]