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Students' Affairs Office

The Students' Affairs Office is the link between students, faculty and the administration of TISS. The purpose of the Office is to create a conducive climate of personal and academic development of the students.

The Office takes care of the physical and mental well-being of students through services such as counselling, financial aid, health insurance and extra-curricular activities. It also promotes cultural activities. Through these, it fosters an environment of respect for cultural diversity and plurality, as an essential cornerstone of student life at TISS.

In TISS, students are welcomed regardless of religion, caste, ethnic background, age, sexual orientation or physical status. The Institute expects that all student members to assume responsibility for their conduct. However, in cases of infringements on the rights of others, the institute intervenes through laid down procedures. The Students' Affairs office is headed by a Chairperson.

Student Counselling Centre

The TISS Tuljapur Campus has a Counseling Centre (CC). There is a full- time trained professional Counselor to provide counseling services in the Campus. The counselor helps the students with their day to day concerns as well as catering to their overall well being. The CC conducts workshops regularly on topics relevant to increasing the capacities of the students viz; “Time management”, “Stress management”, “Building emotional resilience, “Dealing with relationship issues” and “Enhancing inter-personal relationships”. The counselor also works in collaboration with the Career Guidance and Placement Cell in preparing the students for placement interviews.

The CC maintains a notice board where posters, charts, write-up, useful information and cartoons pertaining to various psycho-social issues are exhibited. The email is yet another medium of communication for the students and the Counseling Centre wherein students can write to the counselor for appointments or asking for help. The email service is also used to inform students about workshops, to send articles and even communicate for follow ups.

Social Protection Office (SPO)

TISS had set up a Student Service Cell in 1986, to assist the students from the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs). The idea was to support their academic performance and optimizing their development potential for a fulfilling academic and social life at the Institute. In 1989, the Institute started a Special Cell for SCs and STs with the approval of the University Grants Commission. The cell is now renamed Social Protection Office (SPO). The Institute has also incorporated Other Backward Classes (OBCs), the Persons with Disability (PWDs) and Minorities into the Social Protection Office with similar objectives.

The Social Protection Office helps the Institute implement the reservation policy with regard to the admission of students and the recruitment of teaching and non-teaching staff at various levels. It also supports students from SC/ST/OBC/PWD/Minority communities to integrate with the TISS community and to address challenges that they might experience. The Social Protection Office also conducts remedial coaching for such students based on their specific needs.

TISS, Tuljapur also has a Social Protection Office led by a Chairperson.

Health Insurance:

All students are covered under a group insurance that takes care of any hospitalization that may be required during the entire duration of the programme. Students will pay a specified annual premium each year.

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