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Sports, Music and Recreation

Sports, Music and Recreation :

The TISS Tuljapur Campus is fully equipped with along with the infrastructure for several out-door sports like football, basketball, cricket, badminton, volleyball, kho-kho, etc. Indoor games like table-tennis, Carom, Chess are also available for the students. All Sports and Gym activities are conducted under the guidance and supervision of a qualified and experienced Physical Instructor appointed at Tuljapur TISS Campus. There is a three storey Gymkhana Building in Tuljapur Campus. The Gym is located on the ground floor of the Gymkhana Building and is well equipped with all the latest equipments.

The students organise friendly sports and games (both outdoor and indoor) and the Annual Sports Day is a much awaited day which is organised by the sports committee. A separate music room equipped with various musical instruments has been made available for the students. Interested students can learn music under the supervision of trained/competent musicians.

There is an Amphitheatre with seating capacity of 500 students where students organise cultural activities, debates, film shows, academic discussions etc. ey might experience. The Social Protection Office also conducts remedial coaching for such students based on their specific needs.

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