Women and Gender Development Cell (WGDC)

'Baatein Gender Ki' Boxes


Gender Discrimination is a systematic, unfavourable treatment of individuals on the basis of their gender, which denies them rights, opportunities or resources within any given society. In the TISS campus students, faculty members as well as staff members come from different regions, diverse social and cultural realities and often there are stereotypical ideas and prejudices about the 'other', which lends to insensitivity towards certain identities, beliefs, values, which in turn may lead to discriminatory behaviour and hostility in the campus. To make the Institute inclusive for all, we as TISS community need to be sensitive towards others, treat each other with due respect and dignity.

The TISS WDC in the recent time has been getting many complaints of discrimination and violence based on gender and gender non-confirming behaviours in the campus. The Committee is trying its best to address these complaints. However, there are also many instances where individuals have shared their ideas, views and experiences on the kind and nature of some of these issues within the campus with the Committee. WDC has installed boxes- “Gender Ki Baatein” at various places in the campus which are meant to gather information on these experiences and suggest ways to address some of the issues arising out of these experiences.

The Committee encourages you to write and share your experiences and suggestions with us. Your sharing will not only help to understand new forms and nature of discrimination happening in the campus but also would help WDC to develop startegies for gender awareness and sensitivity.

How to write for the Box?

  1. As you want to. Please write about the same in English, Hindi or Marathi put in the WDC box nearest to you.
  2. You can put your name and other details in the end if you want us to connect with you or you can also share anonymously

What to write?

  1. The box has been installed with sole objective of collecting information on experiences of gender discrimination based on gender and gender non-normative behaviours and suggestions to address the same
  2. Please do not put any formal complaints in the box. For complaint of sexual harassment please follow the formal procedure of the Internal Committee.

What will WDC do with the shared experiences/ideas?

  1. WDC will maintain full confidentiality of any identity shared in your writings (if you have not shared your incident anonymously).
  2. Based on the nature and form of discrimination, WDC will design processes to address the same.
  3. Simultaneously, it would design and arrange various means and tools to create awareness, sensitise and disseminate learning on gender and gender non-normative behaviour and share it with the Higher Authorities to take them forward.
  4. The boxes are a Space for you as part of TISS community to express your ideas, share your experiences and help WDC to develop methodologies to make TISS a gender sensitive and gender aware community.

The boxes are located at the following venues:

  • Near Room No. VII in Main Campus
  • Main Campus Dining Hall
  • Near New Campus Board Room