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Shri. Sanjay Kumar IAS releases "The Right Teacher for Every Child" SoTTTER 2023 prepared by CETE, TISS

Online Launch of "The Right Teacher for Every Child", the State of Teachers, Teaching, and Teacher Education Report for India 2023 (SoTTTER)


"The Right Teacher for Every Child", the State of Teachers, Teaching, and Teacher Education Report for India 2023 (SoTTTER) was released by Mr. Sanjay Kumar (Secretary, Ministry of Education, Government of India) on 18 January 2024 through an online event. Prof. Bino Paul (Pro-Vice Chancellor, TISS) chaired the event.

The launch event, which was organised by the TISS-Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education included an insightful panel discussion with experts from the field of teaching and teacher education: Dr. Carlos Vargas Tames (Lead Teacher Task Force, UNESCO HQ), Prof. Amita Chudgar (Michigan State University), Dr. Nidhi Gulati (I.H.E. University of Delhi), and two teachers, Ms. Priyanka Dubey, and Mr. Tarun Gupta.

The report on ‘The Right Teacher for Every Child’ focuses on teacher availability and supply. It is the result of the extensive study and research conducted by the authors and the field researchers. The lead authors include Prof. Padma M. Sarangapani, Dr. Jyoti Bawane, Dr. Kamlesh Goyal Ph.D., and Prof. Mythili Ramchand.

To access the full report and background papers, please visit: bit.ly/SoTTTER-by-CETE


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