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Dr Amina Charania

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre of Excellence in Teacher Education

Ph.D. Education,
M.Sc. Human Development,
M.Sc. Home Science (Human Development),
B.A. Psychology

Amina has a doctoral degree from Iowa State University in Education. She initiated and led the initiative called Integrated approach to Technology in Education (ITE), at Tata Trusts. ITE offers a pedagogic framework for authentic and connected learning which is integrated with the curriculum. ITE currently caters to over 30 thousand students from socially marginalized pockets in India. She also leads the Teacher Professional Development cell of the Connected Learning Initiative at TISS, which is a joint project with MIT. Over the years, she has gathered first-hand experience from the rural middle and secondary schools. This has guided her research work in the area of integrating ICT for enabling constructivist approaches in teaching and learning, and models of continuous professional development for government school teachers. In addition, her experience of working with multiple platforms across government run schools, community learning centers, and madrasas, has culminated into multiple  research interests. Currently she is also researching on teaching strategies and TPD using Digital Badges in COVID Lockdown Period. 

Teacher Professional Development, pedagogy and classroom processes, Constructivist approaches to teaching and leanring with ICT, Learners as producers of artefacts-digital agency.


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As Project Leader

Digital Badges for teachers in Assam and West Bengal, Open University UK, 2020-2021

ITE, TPD and Research, Supported by Tata Trusts, 2012-2021

ITE, Impact in COVID period,  2020-2021

Assessing ICT practices in Tibetan Schools, Central Tibetan Administration, 2017


Other Research Projects

  • Connected Learning Initiative, designing research tools assessing impact on teachers. 2016-2017
  • Internal Evaluation of the Federal Project: Teacher Education Goes Into Virtual Schooling Iowa State University. USA  005-2010 
  • Iowa Centenarian study. Iowa State University, USA                                               2004-2005 
  • Validating Geriatric Depression Scale. Iowa State University, USA                         2003-2004 
  • Media Violence, Families Extension, Iowa State University                                     2002-2003 
  • Youths’ perception on religion and their identity.Tariqua and religious education Board, India.                                                          1995-1996

2019 till date: ICT and New Media in Education: MA -Education, B.Ed/M.Ed

2019 TISS, MPhil PhD, Advances in ICT and Education

2017-19, TISS, MAEE Human Development Theories

2016 TISS, MAEE course ICT and Education, blended mode

2017 onwards: Certiifcte course on ICT and Education for School Teachers and DOET faculty

2015: IIM, Udaipur. Guest lecturer for trends in India education, education for minorities and education technology.

2003-2005: C I 201 Introduction to Instructional Technology, Curriculum and Instruction, Iowa State University

2002-2003; Teacher trainee, pre-school Palmer Child Lab, Iowa State University

1997-1998: Child Development and Classroom Management courses to preservice teachers, Mobile Crèches,      course affiliated to SNDT University

1995-1996: Teacher trainee at Carmel Convent, Mumbai

1993-1998: Teacher upper primary level at Aga Khan religious  school

1990-1992: Teacher trainee at kindergarten at Aga Khan religious night school

Email: amina.charania[at]tiss[dot]edu