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Dr Amit Sadhukhan

Assistant Professor , Hyderabad campus

School of Public Policy and Governance

M.Sc. in Economics (University of Calcutta),
M.Phil & Ph.D.in Economics (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi)

Amit Sadhukhan is an Assistant Professor at the School of Public Policy and Governance, Tata Institute of Social Sciences at Hyderabad campus. Before joining TISS, Amit was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies Kolkata. His doctoral work “Trade Liberalisation and Wage Inequality in India Since 1980: An Empirical Investigation” examines the linkage between India's trade liberalisation and its impact on labour market.

He teaches courses on Economic Analysis of Public Policy, Development Economics and Public Policy, Urban Economics, Statistical techniques and Data Analysis, and Impact Evaluation for the MA Public Policy and Governance students.

His research interests concern the Indian Labour Market and Indian Industry. Further, he has completed several research projects at ISI (Delhi), ICRIER, UNDP (India), and IEG (Delhi) on themes such as economic growth across Indian states, India's trade integration, linkage between India's trade and industry, trade union and collective bargaining.

 My research efforts are focused on studying policy regimes in reference to the following issues:

  • Labour Markets
  • Indian Industries 
  • International trade 


  • "Employment and Wages in Indian Manufacturing: Post-Reform Performance”, (co-authored with Bishwanath Goldar); International Labour Office, Employment Policy Department, Employment and Labour Market Policies Branch. - Geneva: ILO, 2015 (Employment working paper; No. 185). 
  •  “Does Regionalism Hinder Multilateralism: A Case Study of India”, (co-authored with Prof. Manoj Pant) Journal of Economic Integration, Vol. 24(2), June 2009, pp. 222-247.
  • Performance of Indian Manufacturing in Terms of Employment Generation”(with Prof. B. N. Goldar), Sponsored by International labour Organization
  •  Linkage between Index of Industrial Production (IIP) Growth Rate and  Export Growth Rate ”(with Prof. B. N. Goldar), Sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India,

Amit offers the following courses:

  •  Economic Analysis of Public Policy
  • Development Economics and Public Policy
  • Urban Economics
  • Statistical Techniques and Data Analysis
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Public Economics
  • Foundation Course in Economics

Email: amit.sadhukhan[at]tiss[dot]edu

Amit Sadhukhan

Assistant Professor,

School of Public Policy and Governance

Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Roda Mistry College of Social Work Campus

Opposite Bio-Diversity Complex

Gachibowli Road

Hyderabad- 500008

Telangana, India.

E-mails: amit.sadhukhan[at]tiss[dot]edu; amit2006jnu[at]gmail[dot]com