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Dr Archana Singh

Assistant Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, School of Management and Labour Studies

B.A. (Meerut University, Meerut),
M.S.W. (Agra University),
M.Phil. (TISS, Mumbai),
Ph.D. (TISS, Mumbai)

Archana Singh is Assistant Professor at the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship (CSE), School of Management and Labour Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. She is also the Programme Convenor for the programme 'Masters in Social Entreprenurship' (MASE) at CSE. She primarily teaches 'social entrepreneurship', 'corporate social responsibility', 'social sector perspective and interventions', 'qualitative research', and 'social value creation and social innovation'. She also conducts capacity building workshops for the research scholars and faculties of the other universities.

In 2013, she joined CSE as Assistant Professor, just after submitting her PhD thesis. She studied social entreprenurship as part of her PhD research at TISS, Mumbai. She received her PhD in Social Work in 2014. Before that,  she did her M.Phil in Social Work from the same Institute in 2008, and Masters of Social Work (MSW) from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University (formerly Agra University) in 1998. Prior to her academic career, she worked intensively in the developent sector, both in urban and rural India, on diverse social issues, such as women's empowerment, women's SHGs, AIDS awareness among sex workers, etc. 

In 2016, she visited Kennesaw State University (KSU), Georgia, Atlanta to teach 'social entreprenurship and social venture creation' to the Masters students there.

She has published several papers in reputed international journals, and chapters in edited books. In 2016, she published her book titled 'The Process of Social Value creation: A Multiple Case Study on Social Entrepreneurship in India' (Springer India).

Social entrepreneurship, social value, social change, social work, women empowerment, corporate social responsibility, are her main interest research areas.








Social entrepreneurship, social value, social change, women empowerment, corporate social responsibility, social work, interface between social work and social entrepreneurship


Book Publications

  • Archana Singh (2016). The process of social value creation: A multiple-case study on social entrepreneurship in India. India, Springer. ISSN (printed): 1431-1933, ISSN (electronic): 2197-7178; ISBN (printed): 978-81-322-2825-7, ISBN (electronic): 978-81-322-2827-1
  • Archana Singh and Reji Edakkandi Meethal (Forthcoming). Edited Book titled “Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development” accepted by Routledge India

 Book Chapter Publications

  • Archana Singh, and Satyajit Majumdar (2015). “Technology and Innovation for Creating Social Change: Concepts and Theories”. In Satyajit Majumdar, Samapti Guha, and Nadiya Marakkath (Eds.), Technology and Innovation for Social Change, pp 109-123. New Dehi, Springer.
  • Archana Singh (2017). “Social Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Women Empowerment though Financial Inclusion: The Role of Values in Ethical Decision Making”. In Leszek Karczewski, and Henryk A. Kretek (Eds.), “Cultural, Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Management and Economics”, pp 249-267. Raciborz, PWSZ w Raciborzu (ISBN 978-83-947623-3-9).

Journal Article/Research Paper Publications

  • Archana Singh, Satyajit Majumdar, and Gordhan K. Saini (January 1, 2017). Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Entrepreneurship: An Indian Context. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies, 3(1), 71–76. ISSN (printed): 2393-957, ISSN (electronic): 2394-9945
  •  Archana Singh, Gordhan K. Saini, and Satyajit Majumdar (2015). Application of Social Marketing in Social Entrepreneurship: Evidence from India. Social Marketing Quarterly, 21(3), 152-172. Published by SAGE. ISSN (printed): 1524-5004. ISSN (electronic): 1539-4093
  •  Archana Singh (2014). Inclusive development through innovative model: a case of KnidsGreen Pvt Ltd. (India). Int. J. Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 3(3), 197-213.
  •  Archana Singh, (2014). Leadership in female SHGs: traits/abilities, situational or forced? International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Vol. 34 Issue: 3/4, pp.247 – 262.

As a part of CSE team, completed the project of 1-year 'Certificate Programme in Social Entrepreneurship' through web-mode on 1st November 2015, in collaboration with University of Essex, UK. The project was funded by the British Council.

As a part of CSE team, conducted 'Benchmark Study on Best CSR Practices in India'.

Social Entrepreneurship

(Students of Social Entrepreneurship at TISS, Mumbai; Students of RDG at TISS, Hyderabad; Participants of On-line Programme in Social Entreprenurship- OPSE)


Social Sector Perspective and Interventions

(Students of Social Entrepreneurship at TISS, Mumbai)


Qualitative Research (RM II)

(Students of Social Entrepreneurship at TISS, Mumbai)


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

(Students of Globalization & Labour at TISS, Mumbai)


Social Value Creation and Social Innovation

(CBCS course at TISS, Mumbai)


Entreprenurship (Co-Teacher)

(Elective course for MPhil Scholars, SMLS, TISS, Mumbai)



Email: archana.singh[at]tiss[dot]edu