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Prof Asha Banu Soletti

Dean - Students' Affairs and Placements, Director's Office
Professor , Mumbai campus

Centre for Health and Mental Health , School of Social Work - Mumbai Campus

M.A., Ph.D. (Madras)

Dr. Asha Banu Soletti is currently Professor at the Centre for Health and Mental Health and also the Dean, Student's Affairs. She led the Centre for Health and Mental Health as Chairperson from 2012 to 2018. She teaches Masters level courses for the thematic areas-Social Work in Public Health and Social Work in Mental Health. Her areas of research include Children affected by HIV/AIDS, Aging and Elder abuse. Her field of practice and core interests include community health, community mental health and development, social gerontology and palliative care. She has extensive field engagement both in the urban and rural context through her field action projects and other community level interventions. She has actively responded and contributed to the disaster relief work operations of the Institute. Presently, she coordinates a field action project “Integrated Rural Health and Development Project” which is located in a tribal belt and caters to the health needs of the Konkana, Warli and Katkari tribes through a social determinants framework. In her leadership with the CHMH, she spearheaded the forging of academic partnership between TISS and The Banyan, Chennai. Also she  facilitated the foramalising of  the agreement between TISS and INHS-ASVINI to offer M.Phil Psychiatric Social Work Program.

She was awarded the Linnaeus-Palme Fellowship to visit and teach at the Gothenburg University (2012), Sweden. She also serves in Institutional Review Board (IRB) of many organisations. She is activey involved in training and capacity building, monitoring and evaluation in the Public Health domain. She has several peer reviewed publications to her credit.

Social Determinants of Health and Mental Health

Community Health and Community Mental Health Practice

Mental Health Literacy

Aging and Elder Abuse

Diversity and Aging

Women and Aging


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Current Projects

1. Mental Health Literacy in Urban and Rural Communities in Kerala, India: An Interdisciplinary Approach Using Applied Theatre Methodology (MeHeLP India) (International Interdisciplinary Project with Prof. Raghu Raghavan, (De Montfort University, DMU) and others, UK and Dr.Sivakami Muthusamy, TISS

Involvement in the project: Co-Investigator.
Duration of the project: From September 2018 to February 2021 (30 months)


2.Experiences of caregivers in a home based palliative model: A qualitative study 


Involvement in the Project: Principal Investigator


Completed Projects:

E-Content Project-Coure Coordinator: Social Work (Mental Health), University Grants Commission and Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India, 2017

Co-Investigator: Evaluation study of "Changing Lives throught sports: Street 20 program" funded by Barclays, 2015

Principal Investigator: Internet-based HIV prevention for Indian MSM in association with HUMSAFAR sponsored by NIH/ICMR, 2012-2014 

Dementia related Stigma in Urban India: Perspectives of Patients, Caregivers and Health Care Providers funded by Morning Side-Columbia University School of Social Work, 2012

Principal Investigator: Reducing Adolescent HIV-Infection in Maharashtra, India: A Family-Based Approach sponsored by NIH/ICMR, 2008-2011

Factors influencing the Mental Health of the elderly, sponsored by DRS-UGC, MPSW, 2011 

A situational analysis and Needs Assessment of Child-Headed Households and Community Foster Care in the context of HIV/AIDS, sponsored by India AIDS Alliance, 2004-2006 



Field Action Project:

Project Director:

Pragati-Integrated Rural Health and Development project (IRHDP), Aghai, Shahpur Taluk (2009 Onwards)












Social Work:

  1. Social Work Practice with Individuals
  2. Human Growth and Behavior

Public Health and Mental Health

  1. Health and Development
  2. Introduction to Health and  Mental Health
  3. Community Mental Health
  4. Seminar on emerging Mental Health issues
  5. Issues of working with special groups ( in Developmental and Therapeutic counselling Concentration) 
  6. Indigenous Practices in Mental Health (Field based Course)
  7. Rural realities, Health and Mental Health
  8. Dance movement therapy and Mental Health
  9. Mental Health, Marginalisation and Human Rights


  1. Older Adults with Special Needs
  2. Family Dynamics: Skills and Interventions

Email: ashabanu[at]tiss[dot]edu


+91 22 25525465