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Dr Chetna Duggal

Associate Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Human Ecology, School of Human Ecology
Programme Coordinator - MA Applied Psychology Program

M.Phil, Clinical Psychology (NIMHANS, Bangalore), Ph.D (TISS, Mumbai).

Dr. Chetna Duggal is an Associate Professor in the School of Human Ecology (SHE), Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.
She pursued Psychology (Hons.) from the Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi, and went on to complete her Masters in Applied Psychology from Calcutta University.  She has completed her M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore and her Ph.D from TISS, Mumbai. 
She is a psychotherapist and has worked with children, adolescents, couples and families. 

She is a trainer and supervisor for psychotherapy and counselling practice and heads Rahbar (a field action project for supervision and training in mental health practice).   

As part of outreach work she heads the School Initiative for Mental Health Advocacy (SIMHA) a field action project that focuses on promoting the wellbeing of young people in educational systems.

She is also the trustee of Apnishala, an organisation working towards making life skills education accessible to children from underprivileged contexts.

  • Counseling and psychotherapy training and practice 
  • Counseling and psychotherapy supervision
  • Social justice and diversity in psychotherapy practice
  • Psychotherapy process research
  • Professional development of counselors and therapists
  • Trauma informed care and practices
  • Children and adolescent mental health and well-being
  • Children and adolescent psychotherapy 
  • School mental health 
  • Religion and spirituality 
  • Intimate relationships and couple therapy

Journal articles

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Duggal, C. (2014). Negotiating an open marriage in couple therapy. Psychological Studies, 59(1), 76–81. DOI:10.1007/s12646-013-0212-z.


Book chapters

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December, 2020 – May, 2021 - Principal Investigator for the project ‘Understanding children's experiences during the Covid 19 pandemic: Stressors, resilience, support and adaptation’ – A collaborative research between Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Child Rights and You (CRY). 

September, 2020 – April, 2021: Principal Investigator for the project ‘Psychosocial support for persons diagnosed with CoVid-19: Experiences of volunteer counsellors from India’ conducted in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). 

June, 2019 – present: Co-principal Investigator for the project titled ‘Factors related to Covid-19 Stigma: A mixed methods study’. This is an ICMR study with TISS as Implementation partner. Completed. June, 2019 – January, 2020: Principal Investigator for the project on ‘Psychotherapy Supervision in India: From supervisee perspectives to contextual models of practice’.
December, 2016 – October, 2018: Principal Investigator for the project on ‘Marital dissolution though family court: Data trends and individual experiences’. The project aimed to understand the trends in marital dissolution/divorce through the family court, as well as document perspectives from family court counsellors, and capture experiences of couples and children about the marital breakup and manifold effects of divorce.
February, 2017 – June, 2017: Co-Principal Investigator on the project titled, ‘Prevalence of Stress in Students in Coaching Centres in Kota, Rajasthan’. The project was funded by the Office of the District Collector, Kota, Rajasthan, and aimed to understand the factors affecting mental health of adolescents in the coaching centres and increasing their risk for suicide, and to identify possible preventive mechanisms that can contribute to positive mental health of adolescents.

July 2016 – December, 2016: Co – Principal Investigator on the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) - Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Centre of Excellence on Adolescents and Youth (CoEAY).

Teaching in the M. A. Applied Psychology (Clinical and Counselling practice) program. Teaching the course on ‘Approaches to psychotherapy and counselling’ and  the elective course ‘Child and adolescent psychotherapy’.

Teaching the CBCS course on Community Mental Health.


Email: chetna.d[at]tiss[dot]edu

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