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Dr Ipsita Sapra

Associate Professor , Hyderabad campus

Chairperson - School of Public Policy and Governance

MA (Sociology), University of Calcutta,
MA (Sustainable Development), Staffordshire
PhD, Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Dr Ipsita Sapra has been a development practitioner for more than a decade before moving into full-time academics in 2010. Ipsita has a PhD in Social Sciences from TISS, Mumbai and her work involved understanding the livelihoods of young persons with disabilities in rural India.

Ipsita is a recipient of Commonwealth and the British Chevening Scholarships, United Kingdom.

Ipsita is the Faculty Coordinator, Research and Development at TISS, Hyderabad

Ipsita has written more than 200 blog articles on developmental issues.

Disability, Conditional Cash Transfer Programmes


Sapra I (2016) Women and Men at Work: Livelihood experiences of Persons with Disabilities in Rural West Bengal in Interrogating Disability, Springer In Press

Sapra I (2016) Incentives Programmes for Girl Children in India Global: Experiences, Local Reflections in Women, Power and Politics, Sage Publications (accepted)
Sapra I (2016) Entitlements, Conflict and Development: A Thematic Introduction in Scripting Change, PMRDF Experiences, Orient Blackswan (Under Review)

Sapra I (2014) Unlocking Potential, Development and Cooperation (D+C), Germany available at http://www.dandc.eu/en/article/private-sector-companies-india-realise-benefits-employing-persons-disabilities

Sapra I (2013), Rural Democracy: Living in Rural India Development and Cooperation (D+C), Germany available at http://www.dandc.eu/en/article/after-25-years-elected-village-councils-india-democracy-still-needs-be-deepened

Sapra I (2013), ‘Social protection: Not for Everyone’, Development and Cooperation (D+C), Germany available at http://www.dandc.eu/en/article/india-must-do-much-more-provide- social-protection-all-its-people

Sapra I (2012), ‘No Voice: Disability and Rural Livelihoods in India’, Development and Cooperation (D+C), Germany available at http://www.dandc.eu/en/article/consequences-disability-india

Sapra I (2013), Rough patch for anti-graft movement, Development and Cooperation (D+C), Germany available at http://www.dandc.eu/en/article/indias-anti-corruption-activists-need-reconsider-strategy


Sapra I (2016) Flying High: Ecological consequences of the Life and Work styles of the elite professional middle class in India (Accepted for Sustainability Summit organized by Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar)

Sapra I (2013) New Act, old Woes, ‘Unaddressed livelihood Concerns of the PWD in the proposed new Act’ in Social Exclusion and Rights of Persons with Disability, National law School of India University publication

Sapra I (2011) ‘Livelihoods for the youth with Disabilities’ in Youth and Rural India, National Council for Rural Initiatives (NCRI), Global Research Publishers

Sapra I (2011), A Case for Case Studies, esocialsciences, available at http://www.esocialsciences.org/Articles/ShowArticle.aspx?acat=eSSays&aid=4526

Working Paper:

Sapra I (2015) TISS - PMRDF Working paper : Tracing contours of Left Wing Extremism in Andhra Pradesh

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Project Management, Development

Email: ipsita.sapra[at]tiss[dot]edu



Tata Institute of Social Sciences
S.R. Sankaran Block, TSIPARD campus
Rajendra Nagar Hyderabad - 500 030