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Prof Jacquleen Joseph

Professor , Mumbai campus

Chairperson - Centre for Disaster Management, Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies

M.S.W. (Bharatidasan), M.Phil., Ph.D. (NIMHANS)


 Jacquleen Joseph has a MPhil and PhD in Psychiatric Social Work from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore. She has been associated with JTSDS since its inception and was also the Dean of the school from 2015 to 2017. Her research, field action and teaching at the centre is around Psychosocial Care and Support in Disaster and Humanitarian Contexts. Tsunami 2004, Mumbai Terror Attack 2008, Zaveri Bazar Blast 2011, AMRI hospital fire 2011, Assam Conflict 2012, Nepal Earthquake 2015 and COVID 19 are the recent disasters where she continues long term engagement through research and field action in the psychosocial domain. She has been a social work faculty before moving into the field of disaster management. Some of the recent research and mobility grants received are : Disaster Resilience Leadership Research and Fellowship Project (B&G research grants 2017 - 19), UKIERI - Study in India Programme (British Council, Virtual Mobility grant, 2020), Helsus Travel Grant (University of Helsinky, Findland, 2019), Transboundary Water Governance and Capaciy Building for Civic Engagement(ICIMOD – HUC Research Networking Grant, 2021), Epidemic Prediction and Risk Reduction using AI/ML (Newton Bhabha Research Networking Grant, 2021- 22), Disaster Risk Creation in Urban Resettlement Processes, Independent Research Fund Denmark / Social Sciences (Independent Research Fund Denmark - 2021 - 25), among others. Her other areas of interest and work focus on disaster risk, vulnerability and recovery, vulnerability assessment and indices, disaster resilience leadership, civic engagement for transboundary water governance, among others.


  • Pyschosocial Support and Mental Health in Disasters,

  • Disaster and Well Being
  • Collective Stress 
  • Disaster Resilience Leadership
  • Civic Engagement for Transboundary Water Governance
  • Index and Indicators for Mental Health and Disaster Vulnerability,

Research and Other Projects

  • Transboundary Water Governance and Capaciy Building for Civic Engagement, ICIMOD – HUC Research Networking Grant, in partnership with University of Katmandu and Tribuvan University, Nepal, Initiated in 2021, Principal Investigator.

  • Epidemic Prediction and Risk Reduction using AI/ML, Newton Bhabha Research Networking Grant, in partnership with University of Cambridge, UK, initiated in 2021, Principal Investigator.

  • EOC to Grievance Redressal Cell - A Scoping Study to Understand the Infrastructure and Human Resource Requirements in the Context of Covid 19, Disaster Technical Support Facility, TISS, ongoing since 2020, Principal Investigator.

  • 26/11 Memories, Hope and Way Forward, Virtual Exhibition Launched on 23rd Feb 2021. AAPTI Field Action Project , funded by Disaster Technical Support Facility, TISS, ongoing since 2008, Principal Investigator.

  • India Disaster Resilience Leadership - Phase III - Developing Case Studies and Other Knowledge Products, funded Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, ongoing since 2017, initiated in partnership with George Washington University, USA, Principal Investigator.

  • UKIERI - Study in India Programme, Feb 8th to 19th Feb 2021, in partnership with University of Coventry, UK, completed in 2021, Project Lead.
  • Understanding Collective Stress in the Context of Recurrent Droughts in Marathwada, Disaster and Beyond, True North Private Ltd., ongoing since 2017, Principal Investigator.

  • Household Vulnerability to Drought in Selected villages of Marathwada Region, India, Disaster and Beyond, True North Private Ltd., ongoing since 2017, Principal Investigator.

  • Narayani to Gandak: Capturing Trajectories of Transboundary Water Governance and Civic Engagement, funded by ICIMOD - TROSA Grant - completed

  • India Disaster Resilience Leadership Fellowship Programme - Phase II - funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - completed
  • Leadership for Disaster Resilience: A Study of Current Practices and Gaps in the Indian Context - Phase I, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - completed
  • Capturing Trajectories of Recovery, Resilience and Entropy, funded by JTSDS - completed
  • Competency Assessment Framework for Entry Level Disaster Management Professionals, funded by JTSDS - completed'
  • Social Inclusion and Disasters: A Targeting Methodology for Shelter Reconstruction, funded by India Value Fund - completed





  • Wounded attachments to disaster recovery: Gendered structural violence and everyday life, Indian experiences explored, “International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction”, https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1czDa7t2zZ5mXf, 59 (2021) 102242 [First Author].

  • Towards Understanding Collective Distress: A Study of Distressed Communities in Vidharbha, India, “International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters” 38(3), November, 2020, pp. 340 – 372 [First Author].

  • Elderly and Disaster Mental Health: Elderly and Disaster Mental Health: Understanding Older Persons’ Vulnerability and Psychosocial Well-Being Two Years after Tsunami, “Ageing International”, https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12126-020-09375-w, 15th July 2020, pp- 1 – 18 [First Author].

  • Leadership in Disaster Resilience: Emergence, Practices, and Outcomes, “Indian Journal of Social Work”, Accepted for Publication on 5th April 2021 [Co-author].

  • Conflict and Mental Health: The Experiences of People Living with Mental Illness and Disability amidst Ongoing Conflict, International Journal of Emergency Management, 13 (3), DOI: https://doi.org/10.1504/IJEM.2017.085009, 235–251, 2017. (co-author) [ISSN: 14714825]
  • Disaster Mental Health vs. Psychosocial Well Being: The Need for a True Paradigm Change, Austin Journal of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, 3 (2), 1–3, 2016. [ISSN: 2380-0879]
  • Psychosocial Framework for Understanding Psychological Distress Among Survivors of the November 26, 2008 Mumbai Terror Attack: Beyond Traumatic Experiences and Emergency Medical Care, Prehospital and Disaster Medicine, 29 (3), 330–338, 2014. (co-author)
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  • Psychosocial Well-being in Vidarbha: A Study of Communities in Distress, TISS Working Paper Series, 6, 2015. (co-author)
  • Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: A Macro Framework, Disasters, 37(2), 185-200, 2013.

  • Psychosocial Support: Crying Need, Limited Capacity. In S. Parasuraman and Unni Krishnan (Eds.), India Disasters Report II: Redefining Disasters, New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2013 (co-author)

  • Psychosocial Training Needs Assessment among Residential Childcare Service Providers and Beneficiaries in the Indian Context, National Journal of Professional Social Work 10(2), 85-104, 2012 (co-author)


Field Action Projects:


  • Disaster and Beyond, funded by True North Private Ltd - Ongoing
  • Nepal Earthquake Recovery Support Programme,in partnership with Tata Sustainability Group, Plan International, India Value Fund, Nepal School of Social Work, Opportunity Village, Action Aid, among others - Ongoing
  • AAPTI - An Avenue for Psychosocial and Therapeutic Interventisons (estb since 2008) - funded by Disaster Technical Support Facility - Ongoing
  •  AAPTI -  An Avenue for Psychosocial and Therapeutic Interventions, Mumbai Chapter (in response to 26/11 and 13/7 - estb in 2008), funded by Taj Public Service Welfare Committee - Completed
  • AAPTI - An Avenue for Psychosocial and Therapeutic Interventions, Kolkata Chapter (in response to the AMRI Hospital Fire- estb in 2011), funded by Concerned Citizens Initiative - Completed
  •  AAPTI - An Avenue for Psychosocial and Therapeutic Interventions, Biwandi Chapter (Social Inclusion and Disaster Risk Reduction - estb in 2013), funded by Govt of Maharashtra and UNDP India - Completed




  • Research Methodology I

  • Introduction to Public Health and Mental Health in Disasters

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Research Methodology II

  • Disaster and Well Being
  • Social Work in Mental Health
  • Disaster Ethics
  • Psychosocial Health in Disaster Management (Concentration Courses)

    • Psychosocial Support and Mental Health Services in Disasters: Approaches and Interventions

    • Self Study: Mental Health and Disaster

  • Non Credited Inputs

    • Research Tutorial

    • Competency Assessment for Entry Level Disaster Management Professionals

  • Research Dissertation Guidance

  • Internship Supervision


Email: jacquleenjoseph[at]tiss[dot]edu

Professor and Chairperson

Centre of Disaster Management

Jamsetji Tata School of Disaster Studies

email: jacquleenjoseph@tiss.edu

phone: 022 25525886