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Dr Joseph Riamei

Assistant Professor , Guwahati campus

Centre for Community Organisation and Development Practice , School of Social Work - Guwahati Campus

M.A. Social Work (TISS)
Ph.D. Social Work (TISS)

Joseph Riamei is Assistant Professor at School of Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati Campus. He has served as Chairperson, Centre for Community Organisation & Development Practice (2017-2020). In an academic career spanning over one decade of teaching and research on Conflict and Peace, Social Action, Advocacy and Movement, Tribes and Governance, Community Organization and Development Practice, Issues of Identity and Livelihood, Environmental Movements, Project Management, etc., Dr. Riamei has had the opportunity to engage with students, academicians, development professionals, and non-profit organization across different parts of the country and abroad. He has extensive engagement with Tribes, Governance, Conflict and Social Work Education and Practice.

Dr. Riamei has published books on Voluntarism in Tribal Society and Asymmetrical Federalism in North East India. He has published numerous articles on Tribes and Governance, District Councils, Conflicts, Diversity and Inclusive Policies, Politics and Tribe, Federalism, Social Work Education, etc. in peer reviewed journals and edited volumes. He has authored several reports and research project for the Government agencies and Non-profit organizations. He is a board member of various universities, research organizations and NGOs. His research interest includes Social Work Education and Practice, Federalism, Ethnicity and Conflict Studies; State, Democracy and Tribes; Youth and Development and Human Rights and Social Justice.



  • Social Work Education and Practice
  • Federalism 
  • Ethnicity and Conflict Studies 
  • State, Democracy and Tribes
  • Youth and Development
  • Human Rights and Social Justice

Book (s):

  • ‘Asymmetrical Federalism in North-East India: Politics and Process’, 2019, Heritage Publishers, ISBN 817026417-0, New Delhi
  • “Voluntarism in Tribal Society: A case study of Zeliangrong (Naga)”, 2013, Lambert Publication ISBN 978-3-659-35242-3

Chapter (s) in Edited Volume

  • ‘The Politics of Tribal Representation in Manipur’, in Ambagudia Jagannath and Xaxa Viginius (ed) (2021): Tribal Politics in India, Sage Publishing, HB: 978-93-5388-458-1
  • ‘Social Work Education: Challenges and Concern in North East India’, in Das Bijoy, Das Amit and Devi M (eds) (2020):Contemporary Issues of NorthEast and Social Work Interventions, Akansha Publishing, New Delhi, ISBN 978-81-8370-579-0
  • ‘The Question of Political Autonomy: State and Tribes in North-East India’, in Rao V Srinivasa (ed) (2020): Tribal Livelihood and Governance: Regional Concerns, Rawat Publication, Delhi, ISBN 978-81-316-1164-4
  • ‘Accommodating Diversity: Quest for inclusive policies for tribal in North East India’, in Gogoi N., Saikia J., Deka H, Gogoi R and Kour S (eds) (2019): Symphony, Purbayon Publication, Assam, ISBN 978-93-88593-94-6
  • ‘Tribes, Governance and Political Institution in Northeast India: Issues and Challenges', in bodhi SR and Jojo Bipin (ed) (2018): The Problematics of Tribal Integration: Voices from India’s Alternative Centers, Page no. 181-196, The Shared Mirror, Mumbai, ISBN 978-81-929930-3-4
  • ‘Contestation against forces of Marginalisation: District Council and Tribal Resistance in Manipur’, in Dhanaraju V (ed) (2015): Debating in Tribal Identity: Past and Present, Page no. 181-196, Dominant Publishers and Distributors Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, ISBN 978-93-84161-35-4

Journal Articles:.

  • ‘Researching District Councils of Manipur From an Asymmetrical Federalism: Unraveling Complexities of Research Processes’, Jharkhand Journal of Development and Management Studies (ISSN 0973-8444), XISS, Ranchi, Vol. 19, No. 3, July-September 2021, pp. 8923-8935
  • ‘Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council and Peoples’ Responses’, Journal of Tribal Intellectual Collective India (ISSN 2321 5437), Vol.3, Issue 3, No.3 pp.21 to 30, June 2016
  • ‘Social Work Education in Northeast India: Status and Challenges, International Journal of Social Work and Human Services Practice, Horizon Research Publishing Vol.2. No.5 Oct, 2014, pp. 201-206 ISSN 2332-6840
  • “Marginalisation, Politics and Discourse: Theorising Tribal Resistance in Manipur”, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research (ISSN: 2277-7881), pp. 130-148, Volume 2, Issue 13(2), December 2013, ijmer.in
  • ‘Contestation against forces of Marginalisation: District Council and Tribal Resistance in Manipur’, Journal of Tribal Intellectual Collective India (ISSN 2321 5437), pp 55-69, 1, No.5, June 2013 www.daltrijournals.org


  • Meghalaya Community Led Landscape Management Project, Subject Matter Specialist, World Bank & Government of Meghalaya
  • Evaluation of ‘Grant-in-Aid Scheme’ under Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India to voluntary organisations working for upliftment of Tribal Communities.
  • Social Work Practice (MA-Social Work)
  • Project Planning and Assesment (MA-Social Work)
  • Theoretical Perspective for Community Practice (MA-Social Work-CODP)
  • Conflict and Peace Processes (MA-Social Work-CODP)
  • Social Action, Advocacy and Movements (MA-Social Work-CODP)
  • Livelihood Culture and Identity (MA-Social Work-LSE)
  • Environmental Movement and Conflict in MAEESD
  • Introduction to Social Work (BASS)

Email: joseph.riamei[at]tiss[dot]edu